Monthly Archives: November 2019

L’Occitane – Seeds of dreams website

This website for L’Occitane was created to show the biodiversity of Provence, where the brand comes from. It takes the form of a really cute interactive game where you can plant and care for seeds and see how they grow. Such an interactive way to help people learn more about your brand and what it stands for!

Please do visit the site here. You’re going to love it!

Akaru – Website

This website for French multimedia agency, Akaru, shows them flexing their design muscles in some really special ways. We especially love the way background reacts to your cursor as you navigate around the site.

Do yourself a favour and check out their awesome website here.

Stellenbosch Triennale 2020

We are so proud to be involved in the Stellenbosch Triennale 2020, which runs from 11 February to 30 April next year! It centres around the theme: Tomorrow there will be more of us and features multiple artists and exhibitions across Stellenbosch. We’ll be involved in a number of ways and we are very excited to tell you more as we get closer to the event.

For now, you can learn more about the Triennale at their website here, or their official release here.

Second Year Student Sandra Nagel featured on Bubblegum Club

Sandra Nagel, who is currently in second year at the Academy majoring in photography, has been featured on the Bubblegum Club website. This in-depth chat looks at her work and inspirations as well as her plans for the future.

We’ve included just one picture here so you have to visit the site to see more – because believe us… you want to see more!

You can read Sandra’s piece on Bubblegum Club here.

And you can follow her on Instagram here.

Burger King – Outdoor Campaign

This campaign by Buzzman Paris takes the usual fast food outdoor advertising and turns it on its head. We’re so used to seeing ‘wayfinding’ outdoor ads that point to where a fastfood outlet is, that these really break through the clutter – telling you there ISN’T a Burger King close by, but that’s not a problem because you can have it delivered.


Fátima Moreno – Illustration

Fátima Moreno is a Spanish illustrator with a unique way of creating that we really like. She begins her illustrations with abstract water colour shapes and then uses those to direct her composition and subject matter.

This is such a free way to create, and it takes so much pressure off the creator and the eternal thing we all ask ourselves: What am I going to draw / paint / write / create today.

You can see more of her inspirational work on her Instagram account here.

Apollo Coffee Works – Packaging

Great illustration makes this holiday coffee packaging for Apollo Coffee Works in Japan, by Siphon Graphica something you just want to buy. If you’re looking for tips on how to launch a seasonal variant of any type of product – there’s a whole lot of inspiration you can take from this project.

See more below.

John Lewis – Christmas 2019

John Lewis Christmas ads are something of an institution in the UK. They’re always big budget spectacles that come out early in the season, to really kick off the Christmas spirit. 2019’s example is no exception, telling the moving story of a little girl and her dragon.

We especially love how this entire story was able to be told with no dialogue whatsoever – such a clever way to make the emotional beats of the story even more poignant. Good news: You probably won’t need tissues for this one… but you never know!

McDonald’s – Family Proof Print Campaign

McDonald’s has done a great job over the years of being kid-friendly. From designated play places to happy meals and just ultimate convenience – McDonald’s does families with kids well. TBWA Paris brought this to life in this touching print campaign that captures both the joy and the chaos of family life. McDonald’s really is family proof.

We love it!

Jack Kenyon – Photography

The world of animal showing is fascinating and always a great subject for photography. This work by Jack Kenyon, taken at the Supreme Cat Show in the UK, continues that tradition.

He called this series Cat Worship, and if the photographs are anything to go by, you can see why. What a window into a world most of us never get to see!

You can see more of Kenyon’s work on his Instagram account here.