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Pirelli Calendar 2019

The release of the Pirelli Calendar is a big day in any photography buff’s diary, and this year’s iteration certainly lives up to the hype. Shot by Scottish photographer, Albert Watson (who shot THAT iconic photograph of Steve Jobs in his black polo neck), this set of images has a narrative, filmic quality that we really love. Each image brings with it a strong feeling that something is happening, has happened or is going to happen – these are not just static fashion shoots.

With just these a few images released so far of the full 40 featured in the calendar, we’re sure this year’s version is going to be an absolute tour de force!


Roladin – Print Campaign

Roladin is a bakery and patisserie in Israel with a flair for creating beautiful, great-tasting pastries. For Hannukah 2018, they created a range of Sufganiyot (which are traditional doughnuts baked for the holiday) and needed a cool way to tell the public about them. To do so, they turned to M&C Saatchi Tel Aviv, who created this awesome print campaign for them. With some really lush art direction and gorgeous photography, this campaign imagines the Sufganiyot as if they were people – with haircuts and looks matching the decorations of the pastries themselves.

So much fun!

Luo Yang: Photography

Luo Yang is a Chinese photographer living and working between Beijing and Shanghai. Today, we’re sharing some of her work from her project Girls, which aims to document the multiplicity of young womanhood in China right now.

We absolutely love these meaningful, interesting portraits. The way they shine a light on a culture we can’t easily access in South Africa and show us both the differences and the similarities between SA and China is just mesmerising.

To seem ore of Luo Yang’s work, visit her website here

Eddie Wrey – Photography

Eddie Wrey is a commercial photographer who shot this series while on assignment in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He noticed all the women at the Adjame Market with their wares piled high on their heads and asked to shoot them. Because some were a bit shy, he shot them from behind – removing this worry.

We love the result – a look at modern African life with the classic ‘on-the-ground’ workaround you often have to do on a shoot resulting in a happy accident that makes this series even more arresting.

Check out more of Wrey’s work on his instagram account here.

Pablo di Prima – Photography

Pablo di Prima is a Spanish photographer studying at Central St Martins. This body of work covers a trip he took to Colombia in 2017, where he photographed a group of teenagers, documenting their lives and the area in which they live. This is such a great example of how photography can be used as a medium to draw attention to things otherwise left unseen, or unnoticed. We love it!

You can see more of di Prima’s work on his site here.

Red Road Project

This photography and documentary project by Carlotta Cardana and Danielle SeeWalker documents Native Americans living in America. With a mixture of landscapes, portraits and documentary photography, this series aims to highlight inspiring stories and images of Native American people through a mixture of photography and writing.

Not only are these images really beautiful, they serve a second function too – highlighting an often marginalised part of American society.

To learn more about the Red Road Project, take a look at their website here.

Alena Gelen wins Adobe Design Achievement Award

As you may be aware, one of our students, Alena Gelen, was named as a winner in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018. In this video, she was interviewed live on YouTube about herself and her achievements – no pressure!

To learn more about her achievement, please click here.