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Oleg Oprisco – Photography

Oleg Oprisco is a Ukrainian fine art photographer who blends fashion, portraiture and of course fine art photography to create a unique visual style that is so appealing. What sets him apart and makes his work extra interesting, is that he shoots on film. This means everything you see in these photographs had to be created the old fashioned way – no photo manipulation techniques and no chance to ‘fix it in post’!

What a great commitment to the art.

You can see more of Oprisco’s amazing work here.


Kilian Schoenberger – Photography

Kilian Schoenberger is a German photographer who captures landscapes in such a beautiful way. We love his sense for the dramatic, using a minimal colour palette to really give power to his images.

These really are special!

Stellenbosch Graduate Kyle Weeks featured in Creative Review’s Photography Annual

Kyle Weeks, one of our very many talented graduates from the Academy has been recognised in Creative Review’s Photography Annual! He is one of five emerging photographers who were named in the ‘Zeitgeist’ section of the annual.

To see more of Kyle’s amazing work, check out his website here.

Kalin Haydon – Photography

Kalin Haydon is an American photographer from Illinois who turns her lens toward bingo halls and bowling alleys, capturing the culture of her grandparents, who came of age in the post-war era. This project is called American Nest, and it looks at the entire culture of bowling and bingo – the people, the places and the quiet little moments in-between the action. This creates an honest, nostalgic aesthetic that we just love.

Do have a look at more of Haydon’s work on her website over here.

Daniel Everett – Photography

Utah-based Daniel Everett’s photography is something to behold. While architectural, he’s captured the light in such a way as to make all of these disparate places and buildings feel almost as if he was able to shoot them in a studio.

They’re flat, sterile and maybe even make the viewer feel a little uneasy – but they’re absolutely compelling.

Check out more of Everett’s work on his website here.