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Enda Bowe – Photography

Enda Bowe is an Irish photographer with a keen eye for finding something in the mundane. His project ‘At Mirrored River’, which we’ve shared some examples from here is a self-published work that looks at life in small-town Ireland and elevates the mundane and the ordinary into something special.

Whether it is considered portraits, landscapes or almost documentary photography – Bowe’s work shows he has the most important thing any photographer can have: The ability to truly see.

Stellenbosch Academy Graduate named Finalist in Sony World Photography Awards

Cole Ndelu, a recent graduate of the Stellenbosch Academy has been named as a finalist at the Sony World Photography Awards! She is one of just three South Africans who have been named finalists in the competition, with the other two photographers appearing in the Open category. This makes Cole the only student from SA with a finalist placing!

Cole’s submission, Pride of the Panther, was created to meet the competition’s brief: Memories. This makes her one of just ten finalists in the student category from across the entire planet. To give you a further idea of the scope of this competition and put Cole’s achievement into perspective, the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 across all categories saw 227 596 images submitted from 183 countries. No mean feat!

As part of her placement as a finalist, Cole will be flown to London for the final judging where she stands a chance to win 30 000 Euros worth of photography equipment. Cole – we’ll be holding thumbs!

Good luck!

Dollar Shave Club – Boogie’s Print Campaign

Dollar Shave Club began with a great idea and an enormously successful launch ad that changed the way startup companies launch themselves to the greater market. It’s great to see that their insistence on quality branding and marketing continues with this very simple, but incredibly fun print campaign.

It’s built on a simple premise: Enjoy these hair products while you can. Using a bunch of men who are somewhat challenged in the follicular department, this campaign reminds us all what can happen to men. And to enjoy hair while it’s still around!

Ryosuke Takamura – Photography

Ryosuke Takamura is a Japanese photographer with a singular focus: Documenting life in the Fukui Prefecture where he lives. He sees it as his life’s mission – to represent the people there and show what life is like in this quiet, sleepy part of Japan.

There’s such an incredible contradiction in this work. The banal scenes of life in Fukui are somehow made poignant and meaningful, purely because Takamura focuses his lens on them. On one hand this photography could be called ‘hyper-documentary’ – there are multiple scenes of people simply waiting for things, on the other hand they are imbued with such meaning all at the same time.

Take a look at more of his work below!

Thomas Prior – Photography

People do amazing things, commemorate the strangest ideas and continue to be inspiring. Photography does such a great job of capturing these moments of humanity and allowing us a window into these worlds or ways of thinking that we may not ever have been aware of.

This work by Thomas Prior does exactly that. Prior visited the ‘Festival of the Exploding Hammers’ in San Juan de la Vega in Mexico. The idea: Commemorating a war from hundreds of years ago by strapping explosives to sledge hammers, then slamming them into the ground to cause an explosion. The images he was able to capture, the moments in time, are just incredible. Each subject is alone in the photograph, surrounded by the immediate result of the explosion – smoke, debris and dust flying everywhere. So much dynamism and so much action! You’ll be hard-pressed to find something more adrenalin-pumping this week!

American Cancer Society – Print Campaign

What a stunning campaign by DDB Chicago! This beautifully shot work for the American Cancer Society highlights the amazing feats of willpower that cancer survivors go through and asks us a really important question: Imagine if we could raise money to help people in the fight with cancer in the same way.

The photography is spot on and the simple, powerful art direction really allows you as the viewer to feel an emotional connection with the communication. Great work for a great cause!