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Jacaranda FM – Lipsync Billboard

What a fun piece by Halo, an advertising agency based in Johannesburg. To help bring Jacaranda FM’s commitment to more music you like and less fluff, they developed a billboard that featured a live lipsync to the music that was playing on the radio at the time.

Don’t believe it can be done? Check out the video below – it was all real!


KFC Suppertime Stories

This one’s a goody!

KFC, along with Ogilvy Jo’burg, created limited edition laser cut buckets that can be transformed into story-telling devices. Through nifty use of a smart phone, these buckets help bring family time and storytelling back to the fore in a time when we really need them.

To see how they did it, watch the video below.

LG – TV Campaign

This campaign by Y&R Sao Paulo got us very excited when we saw it. Perhaps it was the great idea, or perhaps it was the graphic style that reminded some of us older types of playing old school computer games.

These ads, for the new LG 4k Ultra HD TVs, come with the message: How you watch movies has become outdated. These blocky, ‘8-bit looking’ illustrations for movies we know and love so well point out very powerfully that TV technology has come a long way. So far in fact, that images that were so special and memorable to us are now left in the past (just like our Nintendo TV Games!).

What a smart idea, with super illustration.

Can you name all the movies?

Loeries Grand Prix 2015 – KFC Soundbite

What an amazing idea! We love seeing multimedia being used in innovative ways like this for brands. This, from Ogilvy Johannesburg, for KFC South Africa is just incredible – and a worthy winner of a Grand Prix at this year’s Loerie awards.

The idea: You can play music through your table and you listen… through your arms!

Let us not dilly dally any longer – take a look at the video below and prepare to have your mind blown.

Workprint Films

Stock libraries are a necessary evil in the world of communication. They are the perfect way to get reasonably priced images and video, but sometimes they leave a lot to be desired. We’ve all seen those cheesy shots of businessmen in offices, celebrating behind computers and the people walking on beaches. But what if these images can mean more?

We love this initiative by Catch and Release and The License Lab, which takes stock footage from a number of different sources and stitches it together to form a visual narrative.

What a great way to take something that is designed to be as blank a canvas as possible and turn it into something meaningful.

We’ve shared one of their films below, but you can check out even more on their site.

The Outings Project

Julien de Casabianca is a French visual artist who has started an art movement called the Outings Project. Inspired by noticing a beautiful painting that was stuck in the corner of a museum, unloved and unnoticed, de Casabianca had a brainwave – why not take these paintings to the public at large. And thus, the Outings Project was born.

Initially, it was just de Casabianca – photographing paintings, printing them and pasting them up in public spaces, but soon people across the world caught onto the idea and started doing the same thing. At first, de Casabianca didn’t expect this to happen but the project has evolved into a movement where anyone is encouraged to photograph art in a gallery or museum with their cellphone, print it out and paste it up to share with the public.

What a brilliant idea! We would love to see some of the beautiful paintings in the Iziko National Gallery pasted up around Cape Town!

To see more of the project, we do suggest you check out their instagram account here.

Lunchtime Lecture – Garth Walker

We are so pleased to announce that Garth Walker will be holding a talk at the Academy next week Thursday (23 April). He is the originator of the internationally acclaimed design and illustration magazine, i-jusi and he is as inspiring as he is entertaining.

If you’re available next week Thursday between 13:00 and 14:00 we strongly suggest you come pay us a visit – you won’t be disappointed!

To see more of Garth’s amazing work and learn more about i-jusi, check out his website over here.