Monthly Archives: February 2018

Nike – Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nothing beats advertising like this! This film was released just a few days ago and has already racked up nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube. In a world where we’ve drastically changed the way we consume media (think of how on-demand TV / content cuts out disruptive advertising) having so many people choose to watch what you’ve created is no mean feat.

It’s got a great story, smart art direction, great film direction and celebrities throughout – just like you’d expect from a big budget Nike ad.

Check it out below and remember: Nothing Beats a Londoner!


Versace – Valentine Film

Such a beautifully art directed and edited film from director Luca Finotti! Inspired by nothing but a T-shirt with the Versace logo on it, this film is the fit perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Check it out below:

Birds of Tokyo – Ryo Takemasa

We love this! Japanese illustrator Ryo Takemasa collaborated with the Tawarasha Design Studio to create this beautifully illustrated Bird Handbook, highlighting some of the common birds that can be found in and around Tokyo.

Sadly they were never actually for sale and were handed out at a Tokyo Midtown event, so to all the people who have a copy, consider us very jealous!


Bookbinding Workshop

We just held a bookbinding workshop for our 2nd and 3rd years, run by the incredibly talented Heléne van Aswegen who is a specialist artist book binder. She collaborates with professional artists to co-produce once-off or limited edition Artists’ Books (also known as Bookworks or Livre d’Artiste).

To see more of Heléne’s work or if you’re interested in learning more you can visit her website here.

Siaya Print Campaign

If you need to advertise an outdoor apparel company there are some standard things you can do – beautiful photographs of mountains, forests and streams or images of people ‘conquering’ the outdoors – but what if you take a different angle on it?

That’s exactly what Brad Advertising did – using the line: Weird things happen when you spend too much time indoors. What a great insight!

Then, to make the idea even more fun, they used a great illustration style and some really ridiculous situations to bring this idea to life.

We love it!