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Raiz – Packaging

It’s always difficult deciding how to depict a new product category when it comes to designing its packaging. Raiz is a coconut milk fortified with ‘adaptogenic’ ingredients, which puts it in the health category. However, it also needs to be appealing and exciting to look at.

We think design agency, the Small Monsters, have done such a great job here of capturing both desirability as well as believability and ‘health’ in their approach. And the way they shot the products with the ingredients around them is just perfect.

Top notch work!


Musee Bath Products – Packaging

This project by Process AG is the perfect example of how good design can elevate a brand and a product beyond the category in which it finds itself. Bath products like bath bombs are not particularly expensive and can be used quite often – they’re not ‘luxury’ items. However, that doesn’t mean that their design can’t be treated with care and attention like a more premium product.

If we think of the pampering experience of a bath, we can see just how important a good product and packaging experience is when it comes to bath bombs and other bath products.

You can see more of Musee’s products and design here.

Eschato Alcoholic Beverages – Packaging

Wow! This work by Loonatiks Design Crew for a Greek alcohol brand, Eschato Alcoholic Beverages, is something really unique! The designs are simple, pared-down, minimalist takes on packaging and we must admit – we love them! You’ll notice that no glue was used at all on the labels, with them being secured only with rubber bands. So clever!

Feast your eyes on more below!

Assai Chocolate – Packaging

This has to be some of our favourite packaging we’ve seen in a long time! This work by Happycentro for Assai Chocolate is spot on!

Assai is an Italian chocolate made in a local, traditional way and to pay homage to this, the design team took inspiration from traditional Sicilian puppet shows. You can see have different characters designed and illustrated for each chocolate variant. What’s especially exciting though, is if you have a mind to do so – you can cut out the knights and using some split-pins, you can create your own puppets.


Hardy’s Wine – Packaging

This is some concept work, which it means it wasn’t produced, but it’s such a great idea that we had to share it!

This work comes from Springetts, a branding agency in London. They proposed this idea for Hardy’s Wine, one of England cricket’s sponsors – noting that wine bottles look very similar to cricket bats. What with the cricket world cup currently being held in England, this is the perfect idea for the perfect time!

Would it be really cheesy if we said this design… bowled us over?

Miro Denck – Design

Miro Denck is a German renaissance man in the visual field with skills in art direction, design, illustration and photography. Today, we’re sharing some of the movie posters he has created for a local cinema, Wolf Kino – an incredible opportunity to visually represent film in a very artistic, design forward way. These are not your typical blockbuster movie posters, rather – these are pieces of high quality European design.

We love them!

You can visit Denck’s site here, to see more of his work.

Pantone – Colour of the Year Website

This site by Ruformat for Pantone’s Colour of the Year site is such a great piece of multimedia design. We especially love the way the site scrolls, as well as the way they’ve dealt with creating colour palettes as inspiration, using this colour, Living Coral.

To learn more about what Pantone’s Colour of the Year is all about, click here.

To visit the site created by Ruformat, please click here.