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Nutrinovate – Packaging

Packaging for a new product is always an interesting problem to solve. And when that new product is an entirely new type of product, it becomes especially interesting. That’s exactly the thing that Pond Design had to deal with when they were tasked to create the new packaging for Nutrinovate.

Nutrinovate is a new type of delivery system for vitamins and supplements, using a thin film. These films, created from algae, can be placed inside your cheek or under your tongue and allow your body to absorb the vitamins through your mucus membranes, instead of your digestive system.

We love how they’ve taken some of the cues from traditional vitamin and supplement design and created something new, modern and most importantly: Believable. Buying into something new like this is never easy, and having packaging that adds to credibility is vitally important.

Job well done!


Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire – Packaging

We love this packaging for Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, created by Higgins Design in Germany. It uses real firehose material to package the bottle! This is such a smart way of using interesting substrates in your packaging, while still being entirely conceptual.

As Marshall McLuhan said: The medium is the message!

Samuel Burgess-Johnson – Design

Samuel Burgess-Johnson is a multidisciplinary designer and artist known for working extensively with the band The 1975. However, his work also extends further, with commercial work for a number of high profile international brands.

We’ve shared just a taste of his work here, but his work extends even further. This multi-disciplinarianism is something we really appreciate – this is truly the future of creativity, with designers and other creative people able to express themselves in a multitude of ways.

Les Petits Prödiges – Packaging

Creating packaging for an eco-friendly deodorant is a very specific ask. One that Extreme Agency did very well for Les Petits Prödiges, a new brand in France. They used eco friendly substrates, a muted palette and clever illustration to really show the consumer that these are not deodorants as you think you know them – they are something new and much better for you and the environment!

Vy – Norwegian State Railways Re-brand

What an incredible brief to receive! The team at Snøhetta, a Norwegian design firm, were tasked to rebrand the Norwegian State Railways. No small task!

Drawing inspiration from movement and what it feels like to watch the landscape whizz by from a train, the new identity uses a sinuous ribbon-like form that can be translated into any medium. Whether this logo is to be found on the trains themselves, cars, buses, business cards or anything else.

This is such a great example of clever design, where every detail has been thought through and has a deeper meaning. We strongly suggest you look at the project page on Snøhetta’s website so you can understand more of their thinking behind the project. This is truly design in its highest form.

Dalston’s Soda Co – Packaging

This is such smart packaging design by B&B Studio for Dalston’s Soda Co.

As a range extension, which offers lighter soda than their main range, this design uses a minimal colour palette to distinguish this range from the main one. This immediately shows the potential consumer when they’re standing in front of a fridge that the range itself is different. What a great solve to the problem of showing a consumer that this range is lighter!

We’ve got to say, we love the copy too: Fight for your right to light is so smart!

You can visit the Dalston’s Soda Co. website here.

O’Neill’s Irish Whiskey – Packaging

Is there anything nicer than high-quality premium liquor packaging? Not much if you ask us…

This work by Think Bold Studio shows how important packaging and design is when it comes to branding. Think about how much the gold foiling, the lettering and the overall feel of this design makes you feel as if you’re getting a premium spirit. If you consider that this is a new(ish) entrant to the whiskey market, one of the only ways you can stand out is through good branding – something that will make a consumer reach for your brand over someone else’s when they’re at a bottle store or ordering from a bar. When you’re up against other brands with strong recognition and years and years of heritage, this is one of the only ways you can stand out.

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