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Nikka Taketsuru – Design

Much in the way that Scottish and Irish whiskey (or whisky, depending on where you come from) has its own design language, so too does Japanese whiskey. We love the way this project brings that Japanese whiskey design feel to life.

This blend, Nikka Taketsuru, is made from the Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malts. And so the design incorporates both of their designs into a single whole, to show that this is a blend. Of course, the boxes themselves draw inspiration from origami and Japanese calligraphy. So smart, so Japanese and so desirable!

To visit 2S Global Design’s website, click here.


Gold Bar Whiskey – Packaging

What a great design from Chad Michael Studio!

This premium whiskey is all about the finer things in life. With a bottle that is literally the shape of a gold bar, you’re bound to feel special when you drink it. And if that’s not enough – each individually numbered bottle comes with a removable solid brass coin that was minted at America’s oldest private mint.


Volterman Smart Wallet – Design

A smart wallet is not the first thing you think of as a gentleman’s essential, but in the modern age it’s fast becoming something that can really improve your life. With a host of features like a powerbank (to charge your phone), GPS (so you always know where it is), a bluetooth sensor (so you won’t forget either it or your phone behind) and even a pinhole camera (that can show you who opened your wallet last if you lost it) – this wallet clearly has it all.

So how to present it then?

Enter Backbone Branding, who have created this great look and feel for the product, along with a nifty package. And if you were unsure of the power of a good idea and some great design to go along with it – this project met 100% of its funding goal in just one day on Indiegogo. That’s how powerful it can be!

You can have a look at the Volterman website here.


KaiMon Tea Packaging

Is there anything as exciting as high-end packaging? We know our readers are as excited as we are about this sort of thing, so we can say something like that and get away with it! But really, as a design-nerd, it doesn’t get more exciting than packaging that just hits the mark.

This work by Erica Su for KaiMon tea in Taiwan is no exception. From the soft watercolour effects through to the foiling and details – this is just spot on!

To see more of Erica Su’s work, check out her Behance profile here.

Strongbridge Biopharma Print Campaign

Now this is a design-forward print campaign!

Strongbridge Biopharma is a firm that works to deliver cures for disease, solve environmental problems and in general – use science to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems.

This campaign by AREA 23 uses some really bold design to get the point across. We’ve not seen something so brave from a design perspective in a long time! Kudos to everyone involved!

Have a look below.

De Steeg Brewing – Design

We love some good craft beer package design! It always allows designers to be just a little more daring and out there. This work, by TILT, is no exception. With beautiful illustration, enormous detail and great use of type – this is the very best that craft beer packaging has to offer!

See more below, including some process shots (which we always love).

McDonald’s BagTray



There’s design to make things look beautiful, which is vitally important in this world, then there is design that helps serve a function. This work by DDB Budapest falls into the latter description – making for a McDonald’s bag that makes consuming the food you’ve just bought so much easier than you would imagine. and much like all the best ideas – it’s incredibly simple – you pull off the bottom of your McDonald’s bag with a tab and are left with a hard cardboard tray.

That simple, that easy – and fully recyclable.

Such smart thinking!