Monthly Archives: November 2018

Luo Yang: Photography

Luo Yang is a Chinese photographer living and working between Beijing and Shanghai. Today, we’re sharing some of her work from her project Girls, which aims to document the multiplicity of young womanhood in China right now.

We absolutely love these meaningful, interesting portraits. The way they shine a light on a culture we can’t easily access in South Africa and show us both the differences and the similarities between SA and China is just mesmerising.

To seem ore of Luo Yang’s work, visit her website here

Intel: Print Campaign

What a great idea by TBWA\Chiat\Day USA! To highlight Intel’s AI chips they made these incredibly detailed print executions that show the power of AI, just through their detail.

Each ad points out a situation in which an AI chip would have already found the ‘problem’ inside each scenario. And before you ask, they do actually show them in the ads – some of them are harder to find than others, so good luck!

Lirandzo Condoms: Print Campaign

It’s always interesting to see how advertising and communication is done in other African countries. Which is exactly why we’re featuring this work by DDB Mozambique. This print campaign is for a local condom brand called Lirandzo and it provides an interesting take on tactical advertising around Halloween. 

With the line: Children can be scary, we can see how the lateral idea was to relate it to horror movie tropes we tend to see with kids; whether it be creepy twins or faceless ghouls. We quite like this more lighthearted take on condom advertising – there is no need to be overtly serious all the time, especially given that it’s almost 2019!

Added to all of this is a great attention to detail in terms of art direction and illustration. Top notch stuff!

Coco’s Drinking Chocolate – Design

This package design for Edinburgh based chocolatier, Coco, takes design, art and illustration and melds them together to create a stellar packaging concept. 

With design supplied by Freytag Anderson and artwork by William LaChance; this work is a direct example of how high quality design and creativity can elevate a product to the next level. Immediately upon looking at this, we can tell that it should taste good, be premium, offer enhanced performance or experiences compared to other drinking chocolate products – just because of the packaging! That’s the power of high quality design.

You can visit the COCO site here.

Boni’nin Kutusu – Packaging

Being able to design for kids is a dream for many designers, as it often allows a lot of freedom to be expressive and colourful; to try and recreate the things that got you excited about design as a child.

This work by Pelin Maravent is exactly that kind of dream brief. Here, she designed the full corporate identity from business cards through to online touchpoints for Boni’nin Kutusu. Boni’nin Kutusu is a monthly delivered box of kids’ activities that incorporates learning, creativity and fun.

If the design is anything to go by, this is the kind of thing any child (or adult) would be happy to use!

Narcos Mexico – Website

Wow! What a smart way to market the new Narcos series on Netflix! The entire series has now shifted to Mexico, and as a way to see just how drugs are trafficked across the world – this site gives you the opportunity to have cocaine ‘sent’ to your address.

To test it out, we used Tegno Park in Stellenbosch (close enough to our real address – we wouldn’t want to incriminate ourselves!) and had a package of cocaine ‘delivered’. With a smart mix of Google Maps data and Google Streetview, the site creates a short video showing the journey that cocaine takes, all the way from South America to South Africa!

Check out the site here. If you dare!

Eddie Wrey – Photography

Eddie Wrey is a commercial photographer who shot this series while on assignment in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He noticed all the women at the Adjame Market with their wares piled high on their heads and asked to shoot them. Because some were a bit shy, he shot them from behind – removing this worry.

We love the result – a look at modern African life with the classic ‘on-the-ground’ workaround you often have to do on a shoot resulting in a happy accident that makes this series even more arresting.

Check out more of Wrey’s work on his instagram account here.

McDonald’s – Print Campaign

It doesn’t get more pure or minimalistic than this!

These print ads by TBWA Thailand form a campaign called ‘The All Nighters’ and using just visuals they tell a simple, powerful story. When you’re up at night working, doing your thing, playing sport or driving around – McDonald’s is open and ready for business.