Monthly Archives: January 2018

Regione Lazio – Print Campaign

It’s such a breath of fresh air to see advertising for something like flu vaccines get more creative. This print campaign by Superhumans Rome is such a perfect example. Rather than a serious, boring message about getting the flu vaccination, they take a funnier, more memorable angle on the issue. With the line: Winter is not scary any more, with the flu vaccine, they are able to open up their imagery to include really funny things like a polar bear and a yeti – no longer scaring normal people, as they would before.

Perfect – and great quality on the executions too. They really live up to the idea!

Make Your Mark Stationery

There’s something so special about high quality stationery. It’s a little bit of an obsession for us, but please do indulge us. Here, we’re sharing some awesome products from kikki.K, a Swedish design company. They’re all just so… perfect!

Check out more awesome stationery to drool over at the kikki.K website here.


Oleg Oprisco – Photography

Oleg Oprisco is a Ukrainian fine art photographer who blends fashion, portraiture and of course fine art photography to create a unique visual style that is so appealing. What sets him apart and makes his work extra interesting, is that he shoots on film. This means everything you see in these photographs had to be created the old fashioned way – no photo manipulation techniques and no chance to ‘fix it in post’!

What a great commitment to the art.

You can see more of Oprisco’s amazing work here.

Great News to Start the Year

What a nice way to start 2018!

We hope you’ve all had a great break – but we’re back at it and ready to rock and roll.

We’ve got two great pieces of news to share with you. First, one of our students, Cole Ndelu was featured on the Vogue website for her streetstyle at the Afropunk festival. Nice one Cole!

You can check out the post here.

Secondly, three of our lecturers were chosen as judges for The Young Ones 2018. These student awards, created by the One Show, are all about celebrating students’ creativity. What an amazing feather in our cap. To our lecturers who will be judging: Marika Spangenberg, Wessie van der Westhuizen and Daniela de Lange – well done! We’re so proud.

To learn more about the Young Ones 2018, you can visit the website here.

Capital Magazine

Hedeker is a wealth management firm that produces a quarterly publication, which covers important info for investors and potential future customers of the company. The publication, Capital, is a real sight to behold – with great attention paid to type and design which is just spot on.

Another great example of how good design can lift content or information which might be a little dreary for some and elevate it into something engaging and appealing. We love it!

Stellenbosch Graduate Kyle Weeks featured in Creative Review’s Photography Annual

Kyle Weeks, one of our very many talented graduates from the Academy has been recognised in Creative Review’s Photography Annual! He is one of five emerging photographers who were named in the ‘Zeitgeist’ section of the annual.

To see more of Kyle’s amazing work, check out his website here.

Dom Perignon Poker Set

How nice is this? Benoit Berger designed and illustrated this limited edition poker set for Dom Perignon. We love the understated elegance and attention to detail. It’s the perfect mix of opulence and restraint! And to keep it exciting, there are only 1000 of these sets that were made!

See more below!