Monthly Archives: September 2015

Andrew Hetherington – Photography

Andrew Hetherington is an Irish photographer now residing in New York. He is one of those photographers that specialises in people. You can see his trained eye when it comes to catching the most human moments. We’ve shared just some of his great photographs here but we do suggest you look further at his site.

Hetherington manages to capture both celebrities and normal people at their most human – with a wry look or an honesty in the eyes that is hard to find elsewhere. A brilliant photographer!

Check out his site here.

Jonatan Gretarsson – Hell’s Angels

Jonatan Gretarsson is an Icelandic photographer who specialises in portraits. We’ve shared just some of the work from his Hell’s Angels series here but we do suggest you look further into his work because he is a true master.

He was recently named a semifinalist in the Hasselblad masters competition in portraits and editorial so don’t be surprised to see his name mentioned for years to come!

Check out his site here.

Yuliya – Illustration

Yuliya is an illustrator originally from Kiev who now lives and works in Ontario, Canada. These watercolour illustrations we found of hers are just charming. Take just the right amount of whimsy, add some cosy, friendly-feeling scenes and amazing skills with watercolour and you’re getting close to what Yuliya has to offer.

But you have to see her work for yourself! Check out her website here.

Student Gold Pack Awards Finalists

What a day! It’s not often you get the chance to report that students have received finalists in not one but TWO different awards shows!

The Student Gold Pack Awards are run by the Institute of Packaging SA and recognise outstanding student work. To Amy, Rachel, Ashley, Caylin and Liora – well done! Your work is outstanding.

We can’t wait to see how they do and will report back as soon as we know.

Good luck guys!

Lexus Elevate

Advertising and branding has changed so much in the last few years. No longer are we relying on disrupting people in the middle of their entertainment (remember fastforwarding through TV ads?), we are now tasked to try and make content for brands that is compelling enough that people CHOOSE to interact with it. We don’t have a captive audience any more. And while this can be a little daunting, it’s also an amazing challenge for creative teams around the world to make something truly great and flex their creative muscles more than they ever would if making a 30 second TV ad.

This project for Lexus is a perfect example. It follows professional cyclist Christan Vande Velde and offers users a true Virtual Reality experience to see what it is like to perform at his level – from training through to racing.

This level of performance and attention to detail clearly fits with the luxury positioning of the Lexus car brand and so we can see how a concept that perhaps 10 or 15 years ago would have been a TV ad showing a cyclist going down a mountain for 30 seconds or a minute (depending on your budget) can now become a fully immersive experience that users can interact with at their leisure.

Check out the project here and prepare to be wowed!

What a time to be in the creative industry!