Monthly Archives: July 2014

Stavros Damos Illustration

Stavros Damos is a Greek illustrator who uses his characteristic caricature style to render famous creatives. We love how expressive these illustrations are – really bringing the characters of the subjects to life.

Check out more of Stavros Damos’ work here.


These ads for Boxman by M&C Saatchi Abel Jo’burg are so simple and so clever. They tell a great story – if you don’t get boxes from Boxman, your beloved items could easily get broken in transit. This is told by using a crack that looks like a route from one house to another – so clever!

Omo – Dirt Makes Good Stories

These beautifully art directed and illustrated print ads for Omo in Turkey, by Lowe, tell a great story that embodies Omo’s brand positioning. With the line ‘Dirt makes good stories’, these ads take fairy tales we know and love and remind us there is no way they could have happened without our favourite characters getting a little bit dirty along the way.

They are just so much fun to look at. Truly great work.


Axe Black

We love these ads by Ponce from Buenos Aires for Axe’s new range of Black Perfumes. With an irreverent take on fashion photography and a fun message that is on brand with Axe – these really are fun. And at the end of the day they do a great job of telling the story of the brand¬†– if you wear their products, you’ll look (and smell) great, no matter what you’re doing.

Gustavo Berocan – Association Ball Cup

Gustavo Berocan is a journalist and designer from Palma de Mallorca in Spain. We love this work he did celebrating the beautiful game. Designing a type face around football. No mean feat!

Is it too cheesy to say he scored a goal with this one?

For more of Berocan’s work, have a look at his website, which you can find over here.

Floto + Warner – Colourant

Floto + Warner are a photography team and their latest project, Colourant, showcases beautiful liquid sculptures, captured at 1/3200th of a second! Using no photoshop at all, Floto + Warner have made timeless, solid ‘sculptures’ out of liquid. An amazing feat.

The concept is great and the images are just beautiful – this project looks like it must have been loads of fun to work on.

To see more of Floto + Warner’s work – check out their website over here.

Shelly Mosman – Animal Child

Shelly Mosman is a portrait photographer working out of Minnesota. In this series, called Animal Child, we see children and their animals against lush backgrounds, bringing to mind scientific photography and illustration from the 1800s but also old school child portrait photography.

We love the drama and art direction in this set. Amazing work.

For more of Shelly Mosman, take a look at her website over here.

Kelly Robinson – Soundcloud Berlin

Kelly Robinson is an interior designer who specialises in office spaces, and boy does she do it well! We just saw her design for the Soundcloud offices in Berlin and we must admit, there can’t be many better looking places to work in the world.

Inspired by yoga and feng shui, her designs are both functional, beautiful and minimalist at the same time. Absolutely amazing!

To see more of her projects, have a look at her website here.