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Second and Third Year Photography Students on a Field Trip

Our second and third year students doing our BA in Photography recently took a field trip all the way from Stellenbosch to Cape Town city centre. They began by visiting Photohire Print Lab, where they were shown various types of Fine Art printing by the resident master printer. Following this, they visited Photo Centre, where they were given an incredibly interesting talk on exhibition spaces and just what goes into planning and exhibiting a body of work in the best possible way.

To round off the experience, our student did a walkabout at the Iziko Slave Lodge Museum with our very own Visual Studies lecturer, Irene Grobbelaar-Lenoble, who gave us a talk on her own exhibition, which is currently running at the museum.

Check out more pics from the day below!

zr0 Magazine

We love seeing how digital and physical design can work together to create something special. This magazine, Zero, which was made in Central St Martins by Dagné Petraitytė, Inês Silva and Nathalie de Vallière, does just that. It uses both print and digital techniques to make a publication which is something totally new. In fact, you can download the first edition of the publication on the website for free.

Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 14.56.39

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists

What amazing news! We’ve just heard that we’ve received 21 semifinalists for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

You can check out all of their work on the Adobe website here.

The full list of our students who have been recognised is below.

Art Direction
Mignon Venter x 1 Semi-Finalist
Zanri Du Plooy x 2 Semi-Finalists
Monet La Cock x 1 Semi-Finalist
Traver Prinsloo x 1 Semi-Finalist
Keagan Clack x 1 Semi-Finalist
Monique Bonthuys x 1 Semi-Finalist

Alena Gelen x 1 Semi-Finalists
Carla Smit x 5 Semi-Finalists
Duncan Knowers x 1 Semi-Finalist

Joel Staak x 1 Semi Finalist
Coerine Hatingh x 1 Semi Finalist
Andrea Swart: x 1 Semi Finalist
Jereon Slee x 2 Semi Finalists

Graphic Design
Kelsey Cloete x 2 Finalists

Open Day 18 August 2018

It’s time for our next Open Day!

We’ll be showing people around our campus and telling them all about what they could learn at the Academy on Saturday 18 August.

There will be talks at 10:30 and 12:00 where we’ll go into even more detail. We’d love to see you there!

If you’re interested in attending, please send a mail to Louise.

Emily Stein – Photography

We love this! Emily Stein, a British photographer, has spent time photographing a Japanese woman named Akemi who moved to England but still maintains a connection to her life in Japan. She shows this through her incredible collection of kimonos.

Fittingly, this project is called Akemi’s 100 Kimonos. These meaningful portraits are such a celebration of culture, life and fashion – showing the power of photography! We had to share them.

You can see more of Stein’s work here.

Kyiv Tinctures – Packaging

Yaroslav Shkriblyak is a Ukrainian designer and typographer who did this work for Kyiv Tinctures, a vodka made and bottled in Ukraine. We love how he was able to create something so striking using a limited colour palette and some really gorgeous typography.

You can see more of Shkriblyak’s great design and typography work here.