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Takeru Toyokura – Posters

Takeru Toyokura is an Osaka based illustrator, designer and artist. Today we’re sharing his work for the Rosavia shopping mall. To tell people about their seasonal sales and promotions, he used his signature style to create really beautiful pieces. He works mostly in felt and paper, which he used to make these posters, then shoots scenes to turn into the final artwork.

What an incredibly painstaking process, but the proof is in the work. It’s so unique and fun you can see that all the hard work is worth it!

You can see more of his work on his Behance profile here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Montezuma’s Chocolates – Rebranding Exercise

Montezuma’s Chocolates is a UK-based craft chocolate maker with a strong South American influence. This idea came from when the founders of the company travelled to South America and fell in love with it – the discovery of new things, the creativity and of course the chocolate!

Working with Butterfly Cannon on the rebrand, they used the creative platform: Welcome to a World of Endless Discovery, which you can see was a really clever way to encapsulate how the brand can represent itself creatively.

We love this packaging and we especially love the Chocolate Library idea, which houses a number of chocolates together as if they were books. So smart and so much fun!

POSTHUMAN – Multimedia Design

POSTHUMAN is a London-based creative studio that focuses on ‘new multimedia’. For this project, titled NATURE, they 3D scanned objects in the real world, then applied those textures to new shapes – manipulating them in a virtual space.

What a beautiful way to see our natural world in a totally new way. This is just incredible.

You can see more of POSTHUMAN’s work on their website here.

Seedible – Brand Identity

Seedible is a new entrant to the market – a selection of sesame seed butters. This gives them an interesting base from which to develop their brand – they’re almost like nut butters, but not exactly. That gave rise to really fun conceptual territory – a brand that was ‘nuts about seeds’.

We love how this idea of being a little nuts (but not totally nuts of course) comes through in the playful typography and look and feel of the brand. This is such a strong basis to build the brand from!

All of the design work was done by the very talented Miss Sz. You can visit their website here.

Heinz – Ketchup Puzzle

We all know how puzzles have suddenly taken on much more importance in our live since the corona virus hit. This work by Rethink Canada for Heinz takes it to the next level with a fiendishly difficult puzzle that is entirely red. Just like Heinz Ketchup. The perfect way to spend a good few hours during lockdown!

Check out the case video below.

Shanti Sparrow – Design

Shanti Sparrow is an Australian designer, illustrator and educator who lives and works in New York. Today, we’re sharing her work for the MIMIM zine, which explores ‘the most important moment in music’ – focusing on the Woodstock festival.

This is such a great piece of work that shows how editorial design, typography and illustration all work together to create something incredible. And what’s more – there’s even a video she created that explains her process. What a great way to see how she does it!

You can see her Behance page here.

And you can visit her website here.

Care/Of – Packaging

Care/Of is a nutrition company that offers its customers highly personalised nutrition, based on their individual needs. They needed some really special packaging to bring that to life, and to do so they turned to High Tide, an agency in New York, who created this gorgeous packaging design.

We love not only the way this packaging looks, but also how it was shot. This is absolutely beautiful!