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Swiss Type Faces – Type Life Magazine

Calling all typography nerds! This post is for you. These images come from a magazine created by Swiss Type Faces, which is (you guessed it…) a Swiss-based design company that focuses on type faces.

If you’re a fan of typography and design like we are, then look no further!

You can see more of their awesome (incredibly Swiss) work on their website here.


Habitat – Dissolving Poster

What an amazing, amazing idea! This poster, designed for the Habitat NGO by BETC Sao Paulo, dissolves in the rain – leaving behind an insecticide that is only harmful to mosquito larvae. This can significantly lower the risk of disease in poor areas, without harming the environment or other animals. Have a watch of the video below, explaining the project, for all of the details!

Absolutely incredible!

Best of 2018

For Gradex ’18 we created this Best of 2018 video, highlighting all of our achievements for the past year. What a year of highlights! With some incredible work being done by our students and some really great award wins and accolades, it was one of our best ever.

Onwards to 2019 being even better!

Millennium Chocolate – Packaging

What a great project from Belarus! This package design was done by Fabula Branding and we must say – what an incredible job. We know what these type of chocolate boxes tend to look like and while they may be comforting or nostalgic, they’re not really at the cutting edge of appealing design. However, this work really takes the assorted chocolate box to the next level.

We could do with some work like this in South Africa please!

Bioreshop – Packaging

Bioreshop is a Spanish brand that focuses on refilling containers and minimising waste. Of course, to get this right, it helps to have packaging that looks really great. To do that, the brand turned to Barcelo Estudio, who created this awesome concept.

This work shows how strong design can continue to be applied across an almost endless number of labels. With a strong ‘b’ to work from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns and other applications.

Check out the project below!