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Portfolio Workshop – 15 June

Great news! We’re having a portfolio workshop at the Academy on Saturday 15 June!

You can find all the details above and to RSVP, please send an email to this address.


Miro Denck – Design

Miro Denck is a German renaissance man in the visual field with skills in art direction, design, illustration and photography. Today, we’re sharing some of the movie posters he has created for a local cinema, Wolf Kino – an incredible opportunity to visually represent film in a very artistic, design forward way. These are not your typical blockbuster movie posters, rather – these are pieces of high quality European design.

We love them!

You can visit Denck’s site here, to see more of his work.

Dogstudio – Website

We love this website for Dogstudio, a creative agency that describes themselves as a ‘multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design and technology.’

With a 3D animated dog that changes colour and moves as you navigate through the site and a really unique tone in their copy – this is as good as web design gets right now!

We do suggest you take a visit to the site and spend some time looking around. You can do that here.

Svyat Vishnyakov – AZ Museum Branding

There’s something very exciting about getting a brief to design (or redesign) the identity of a museum. Often, it allows for more avant-garde and interesting design choices, where designers can be a little more expressive and risk-taking, compared to their ‘every day’ clients.

This identity by Svyat Vishnyakov is just that type of work. He was tasked to redesign the identity for the AZ Museum in Moscow. The AZ Museum is a private museum that houses the works of Anatoly Zverev, a prominent figure of the Russian expressionism movement from the 1960s. You can see how he used the artist’s initials, AZ, as a starting point, then expanded his thinking further and further throughout the project. From business cards to clothing that people can buy in the museum shop – this identity covers it all!

We absolutely love it!

Book Dash 2019

On 13 April we hosted Book Dash 2019. Book Dash is an annual event where creative people combine their powers to create children’s books in a 12 hour sprint. All of the time people give to the project is volunteered, meaning that all of value goes towards the kids. To date, Book Dash has published 117 books and distributed over 400 000 copies to children across the country.

This year the challenge was to create books for babies aged 0 – 2 years old. No mean feat! Seeing the incredible creativity and drive of everyone involved made for such an incredible day, and an incredible outcome. What a special thing to be a part of!

To learn more about Book Dash, you can visit their website here.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire – Packaging

We love this packaging for Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, created by Higgins Design in Germany. It uses real firehose material to package the bottle! This is such a smart way of using interesting substrates in your packaging, while still being entirely conceptual.

As Marshall McLuhan said: The medium is the message!

Samuel Burgess-Johnson – Design

Samuel Burgess-Johnson is a multidisciplinary designer and artist known for working extensively with the band The 1975. However, his work also extends further, with commercial work for a number of high profile international brands.

We’ve shared just a taste of his work here, but his work extends even further. This multi-disciplinarianism is something we really appreciate – this is truly the future of creativity, with designers and other creative people able to express themselves in a multitude of ways.