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German Police and Emergency Services – Print Campaign

This work by fischerAppelt for the German Police and Emergency Services takes a fairly stuffy subject and makes it interesting, using illustration and a bit of a Christmas spirit. To remind people that the emergency services and the police are always there for them, even during the festive season, this campaign uses quirky festive season moments in a cute illustration style.

Iaso Children's Hospital – Print Campaign

This work by Ogilvy Athens uses illustration to a great effect. The campaign is for a children’s hospital; encouraging parents to have their children go for regular checkups so that their kids can live out their dreams while remaining healthy. To show what that looks like, the agency used illustration and then looked at three different seasons and all the things kids could get up to.

We love it!

Vocation Brewery – Packaging

We feature craft beer packaging pretty often on this blog because not only do we love good craft beer, we also love the opportunities the category provides for packaging that takes risks. In the traditional beer category there are certain design tropes that are expected to be followed but craft beer, by its nature, is about standing out and doing things differently. That results in some beautiful packaging ideas that we love.

This work by Robot Food for Vocation Brewery is no different. Smart, beautiful packaging that turns a beer into a design object. What more could you ask for?

Manon Molesti – Illustration

French illustrator Manon Molesti is a wizard when it comes to felt tip pens. Every single one of these illustrations you see here was painstakingly created using nothing but what we in SA would call khokis. Not an easy medium to work with – but she has mastered the medium for sure!

You can see more of her work on her website here.

Holly Warburton – Illustration

Holly Warburton, a Bath-based illustrator and animator, uses a mixture of digital and analogue techniques to create her evocative illustrations. We especially love the movement and attention to pays to light in her work, creating a huge amount of depth and narrative within the images.

To see more of Warburton’s work, give her website a visit here!

Daniel Keogh – Illustration

If you like your illustrations detailed, you’ve come to the right place! Daniel Keogh is an Australian illustrator with an eye for detail and a whole lot of patience. His detailed illustrations are just beautiful and you can spend hours getting lost in all the details.

We’ve included a few below, but to see more of his incredible work we suggest you visit his Instagram page here.

Transperth – Good Egg Campaign

Behaving well on public transport is something that needs to be communicated about. It helps things run smoothly when people are stressed out and cramped. This work by Gatecrasher for Perth’s transport agency, Transperth, is all about being a ‘good egg’.

We love the copy but we also love the illustration too. Gorgeous looking eggs behaving well on public transport – what more could you want?