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Sebastian Curi – Venmo Illustrations

These illustrations by Sebastian Curi were created for Venmo, a digital wallet that lets you share payments with friends. They centre on friendship and sharing and show how companies can use illustration to really humanise their offering – bringing it to life in more fun ways.

We’d love to see more illustration used like this!


Soomyeong – Illustration

Soomyeong is an illustrator based on Seoul, South Korea, with an incredible talent. If you thought you knew how to handle a pencil in the illustration world, you might need to rethink that before you see her work. We know how difficult it can be to produce work like this and her patience and eye for detail is just second to none.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram account here.

Le Chocolat des Francais – Packaging

This is the perfect example of how to incorporate illustration with design in a way that makes sense for the brand. The brand ‘Le Chocolat des Francais’ partnered with illustrator Alice Des to create these beautiful designs, representing scenes from the French Riviera.

This makes for packaging that is not only appealing to look at, but also a great keepsake from a visit – adding to the commercial value of the product. This is what good design and illustration can do!


Ever wished you could tell the future of design? That you could see into the new trends before anyone else? This project called ‘Tarot-O-Bot’ does just that. Created by Illo, an Italian design agency, it is an online tarot card reader with purpose-created cards with awesome illustrations.

Are you ready to learn the future of design? Click here.

Chaddy-Ann Newton – Illustration

Chaddy-Ann Newton is an example of someone who has found something they love and is sticking to it. And what he really likes drawing, is ducks. Ducks doing every day things, ducks doing weird things and probably ducks doing some things we wouldn’t want to share on this blog.

We’ve got to say, while this may not be everyone’s cup of tea – it’s so unique that we absolutely love it!

You can see more ducks here, on Chaddy-Ann’s instagram page.

Volkswagen Beetle – Campaign

To announce the end of the Beetle, Volkswagen in Spain turned to their agency, DDB, who created this lovely campaign. It uses legends of the music world who had facial hair and superimposes the shape of the beetle where their moustaches would be. So smart!

This is all tied together with the campaign line: Legends leave but are never gone. Volkswagen Beetle 1938-2019.

It almost brings a tear to your eye!