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Acodomia – Print Campaign

Acodomia is a language school in France that helps people to learn English. This campaign by Les Gaulois does such a great job of the feeling of not being able to express yourself properly. In a multilingual country like South Africa, this is something we have all experienced in one way or another – the feeling that the words you have to express yourself can’t quite live up to the thoughts in your head.

And to top it off, the art direction is just so much fun!

Freddo – Print Campaign

Ice cream is fun. We all know this! When you’ve got an ice cream in your hand, somehow everything seems just a little less stressful. This campaign by Y&R Buenos Aires brings that to life in such a fun way, with some great illustrations and really smart thinking.

With the payoff line: Once upon an ice cream, we see fairy tales we know so well reimagined with happy endings – all because of ice cream.

Check them out below!

De Steeg Brewing – Design

We love some good craft beer package design! It always allows designers to be just a little more daring and out there. This work, by TILT, is no exception. With beautiful illustration, enormous detail and great use of type – this is the very best that craft beer packaging has to offer!

See more below, including some process shots (which we always love).

Lanaudière – Print Campaign

Having a funeral home as a client probably doesn’t happen very often in the advertising industry, so when one does come along it makes for interesting work! This campaign by Brad, an agency in Montreal, highlights the personalised service you get from the Lanaudière funeral home by pointing out that every death is unique. This is achieved by telling three incredibly unique stories about how people have died in the past, coupled with beautifully illustrated art direction.

Who said funeral home advertising had to be boring or ugly?

Kelsey Wroten – Illustration

This was love at first click! As soon as we saw these we had to share them! Kelsey Wroten is an illustrator originally from Kansas City, who now lives and works in New York.

We love her loose, energetic style and wild forms that she creates using coloured pencils. There is just so much going on in this work and it’s all so exciting!

Visit Wroten’s site here.

See more about Wroten here:

Harold Apples – Playing Cards

Design nerds – pay alert! It doesn’t get much better than this! This set of playing cards was designed by Harold Apples, an art director for Lonely Planet by day and a freelance illustrator by night.

With attention to detail like you’ve never seen before, these letterpress cards feature foiling, embossing and spot colours galore. Drawing inspiration from the symbology of older playing card decks, with a modern twist, these cards are a design object you’ve got to have in your life.

You can see more of Apples’ work here.

And if you want to buy yourself a set of these cars, they can be bought here for under ten dollars!

Try not to drool on your keyboard as you check out some highlights of the design below.

Vincent Mahé – Illustration

What a body of work! This selection of illustrations by Vincent Maheé, a French illustrator, are great examples of the ‘Ligne Claire’ illustration style, which was pioneered by Hergé in the 1950s. Don’t be worried if you’re unsure what ‘Ligne Claire’ means – it translates as ‘clear line’ – something we can see here in Mahé’s work, but also of course in Hergé’s work on Tintin.

By keeping his colour palette limited, Mahé allows for even more focus in his work – creating vibrant scenes that through their nostalgic illustration style somehow make you long for a forgotten time. Incredible!

Check out more of Mahé’s work here.