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Dalston’s Soda Co – Packaging

This is such smart packaging design by B&B Studio for Dalston’s Soda Co.

As a range extension, which offers lighter soda than their main range, this design uses a minimal colour palette to distinguish this range from the main one. This immediately shows the potential consumer when they’re standing in front of a fridge that the range itself is different. What a great solve to the problem of showing a consumer that this range is lighter!

We’ve got to say, we love the copy too: Fight for your right to light is so smart!

You can visit the Dalston’s Soda Co. website here.


Farnham Ale – Print Campaign

This is what we would call a classic print campaign. It uses a product benefit, then represents it laterally and creatively – giving the viewer that ‘smile in the mind’ that good advertising can provide. Such great work from lg2 Quebec, with a great use of illustration to tell the story.

Have a look at more of the campaign below.

Champagne Nicko – Illustration

Champagne Nicko is a designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, with a groovy party-inspired style that we just had to share. Whether it’s people lounging in pools, drinking funky cocktails or playing the guitar; his style is evident across all his work.

In a time of increasing pressure on artists and creators to have an opinion on everything, it’s really quite refreshing to see someone just having fun and drawing cool stuff.

You can get onto Champagne Nicko’s wavelength and check out his website here.

Amber Vittoria – Illustration

Amber Vittoria is an artist and illustrator living and working in New York city. We love her take on the female form, which creates a very unique and ownable style that you can see is her work immediately.

While she is just at the beginning stages of her career, we can see that she is going to be absolutely incredible for years and years to come!

You can visit her website here.

Or if you’d like to follow her on instagram, you can check that out here.

Julia Barnes – Illustration

Julia Barnes is an illustrator originally from New Jersey, who now lives in Philadelphia, where she is studying at the University of the Arts. Her busy, colourful style is so exciting that when we came across her work we just had to share it! We especially love how she plays with perspective and sizing, bringing a figurative sense to her work.

You can check out more of her work on her site here.

Renault – Print Campaign

Publicis Bogota produced this ad campaign to celebrate 120 years of Renault – and what a fun piece of work it is!

With illustrated examples of classic Renault cars from the past and their modern counterparts, this campaign’s style is undeniable. We love the kind of ‘old school rally’ illustration style used by the art director.

Have a look at the campaign below!

Alex Gamsu Jenkins – Revisited

We’ve featured work by Alex Gamsu Jenkins before on the blog and now we’re back with more! We loved his satirical, narrative take on illustration earlier this year and now he’s back with more, even more satirical work. Here, he’s shifted into a comics-inspired style, with multiple panes telling admittedly sad and bleak stories about modern life.

Check out more of his work below.

And don’t forget to visit his site here.