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Philip Lindeman – Illustration

Philip Lindeman is a Dutch illustrator who lives and works in Utrecht. When we came across his work, we knew we had to share it! We love his slightly psychedelic, slightly crazy, super funny style! And if you look deeper, you’ll find layers and layers of hidden jokes and gags – perfect!

You can see more of his work on his website here.


Nano – Illustration

Nano is a South Korean illustrator who specialises in depicting amongst other things, loneliness. We love the way she captures these feelings using her unique, simplified style.

You can see more of her work on her Instagram account here.

Chupa Chups – Print Campaign

Another great campaign by Cheil Worldwide, this time for lollipop brand, Chupa Chups. They used a great benefit of Chupa Chups as their starting point: The idea that sucking on one of their lollipops could give you ‘a sweet escape’ from the troubles in your life. And then, they used some really smart illustration to bring it to life.

Great work!

Penguin Books – Campaign

This illustrated campaign by Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong uses illustration to such great effect. It’s for Penguin Books and in order to encourage reading, the agency used the power of illustration to show just how much excitement can be in a book. With a copy line that reads: Lose yourself in a book – this campaign works well on all levels.

Have a look at more of these beautiful executions below!

Bookdash – Megan Vermaak

Megan Vermaak, an alumnus from the academy took part in the Book Dash event earlier this year, creating the illustrations for the book Wiggle Jiggle. Together with Mathapelo Mabaso (writer), Chenél Ferreira (designer) and Robert Plummer (editor), they created something so special!

You can see more about their book on the Book Dash website here.

To learn more about Book Dash, visit their Facebook page here.

Jimmy Simpson – Bodega

Jimmy Simpson is a New York based illustrator. For this series, he turned his attention toward bodegas – corner stores in and around New York. We especially love how he’s captured the busy, colourful interiors of these stores, while still using abstract shapes and forms at the same time. If you’ve ever been to New York and stepped into a bodega, these illustrations perfectly capture the feeling they have!

This work, now collected in a zine called Bodega, published by Tan & Loose Press, is available for sale here.

Harriet Lyall – Illustration

Harriet Lyall is an illustrator from London who has serious skills when it comes to pencils! She creates colourful illustrations of every day scenes, making them important purely by recording them. Whether it’s people rambling through the hills or colourful hotel scenes, complete with palm trees; you can immediately see her hand in the work. Amazing!

To see more of her incredible output, take a look at her website here.