Monthly Archives: April 2018

Maison Riviera – Website

What a beautiful way to bring dairy and yoghurt products to life online! This site for Maison Riviera is a beautifully art-directed, cleverly designed example of how designing for web can start to feel more tactile. Such great work from Montreal-based interactive agency Deux Huit Huit.

With loads of smart scrolling effects and beautiful photography, this website is a shining example of how you can bring FMCG products to life in a rich, exciting way for consumers. We love it!

Do visit the site here.

KFC – Hot and Spicy

Such smart work from Ogilvy Hong Kong! To advertise KFC’s ‘hot and spicy’ range, they used the iconic image of KFC chicken as a stand in for explosions, smoke and other images we understand as ‘hot’.

So smart and so good!

Seung-Gu Kim – Photography

Seung-Gu Kim is a South Korean photographer who turns his lens to South Korean culture – capturing what the people in his country are doing and trying to understand it through photography. This set of images, which captures the people of Seoul on holiday, shows how because of the incredibly long hours that people work, they are forced to visit holiday parks and other attractions close to Seoul in order to make the most of their time. This concentration of people makes for these highly-detailed photographs, which capture modern day South Koreans at leisure – making most of the scant hours left to them after they’ve done their work.

To see more of Seung-Gu Kim’s work, please visit his site here.

Lene van Heerden – Faceboard Work

One of our third year Multimedia students, Lene van Heerden, recently completed this animation for a private brief for Faceboard, an e-learning platform with a cool way of interacting with people through gamification and social learning.

You can visit Faceboard’s website here.

Such incredible work, well done Lene!


Next Open Day – 12 May 2018

Our next open day at the Academy is fast approaching! On Saturday 12 May we’ll be holding another open day and if the last one is anything to go by, it’ll be a great morning for all.

We’ll be open from 10:00 until 14:00 with talks being held at 10:30 and 12:00.

If you’re interested in attending, please do send a mail to Louise here.

Alys Tomlinson – Ex Voto

As one of our students, Morgan Mulholland, was recently in London for the Sony World Photography Awards we felt it made a lot of sense to share the overall winner for 2018.

Alys Tomlinson is a UK based photographer who has worked in editorial, design and advertising photography but this project, Ex Voto, for which she won the Sony World Photographer of the Year 2018, is a personal project. She shot in large format black and white and focused specifically on the things left behind in pilgrimage sites at Lourdes, Ballyvourney and Grabarka – resulting in a set of images that is entirely undeniable. From perfect portraits through to highly detailed still-lifes of the things people have left behind at these sites, her work is just beautiful.

Please do visit here site here to see more of her incredible work.

We’ve included more of Ex Voto below.

Chiara Zonca – Photography

Chiara Zonca is a London-based photographer who specialises in dreamy landscapes. She captures these seemingly harsh areas and, by applying her lens makes them so inviting. We love how by applying the right way of looking at something, it can be made so different – that’s the power of photography!

Wouldn’t one of these look lovely on the wall?

You can visit Zonca’s site here.


Cinema du Parc – Posters

These posters by Les Evades Montreal are so good!

Cinema du Parc is an independent cinema that focuses on showing the best of the best – specialising in foreign and classic films. These posters, which reimagine classic movie posters with a modern, more design-forward twist are such a great way to get people excited about what’s showing – how could you not want to book a ticket?

Patagonia – The Blue Heart of Europe

Patagonia is a brand known for taking responsibility. They’ve made doing good and giving back a part of the brand from the very beginning. Here, we’re sharing one of their latest projects: The Blue Heart of Europe – a website which raises awareness about Europe’s threatened rivers and gives people something to rally behind and support. We love the work done by Upperquad on this!

Not only is this a great site to interact with and use, it’s a really interesting way that Patagonia is both doing good and representing itself as a brand. On every page, you see the Patagonia logo, but instead of throwing it in your face or trying to shove product down your threat, it doesn’t try too hard. And this is what makes Patagonia such a beloved brand throughout the world.

Good work for a good cause – what could be better?

You can visit the site here.