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YouthTube2018 Competition Finalists

Such amazing news! Three of our first year Multimedia Elective students were named as finalists in the YouthTube2018 competition. Nina Roodbol, Jared Laggar and Tyla Foster – well done!

The following release explains more:

After receiving many terrific entries, the WPBTS are happy to announce that Nina Roodbol, Jared Laggar and Tyla Foster are the finalists for the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services  #YouthTube2018 Competition. This year they have a total of 10 finalists: 3 in the Aspiring Creatives Category, and 7 in the Filmmakers Category. We are happy that our three of our first years have made the finals as this is their very first attempt in creating an animated stop motion piece.

You can check out all the entries (and hopefully vote for our students – no pressure!) here.


The Diver

One of our Multimedia lecturers, Daniela de Lange, recently collaborated on the following short film, The Diver – for Batch TV.

Official Description:

The Diver: A short story about an insecure young woman who is self-conscious about her passion for diving.

For the diver, what she does and what she loves are two separate things. What she does comes at the cost of what she loves. She loves diving. This love demands an uncomfortable amount of self belief, perseverance and emotional investment. Insecure as she is, she does what she loves in isolation. In this way, the diver represents the things we truly love, but rarely get to, because we are so consumed by what we do.

Written & Directed – We Are Batch Tv
Illustration – Fran Labuschagne
Animation – Daniéla de Lange
Sound – Mount Wave Music

Lene van Heerden – Faceboard Work

One of our third year Multimedia students, Lene van Heerden, recently completed this animation for a private brief for Faceboard, an e-learning platform with a cool way of interacting with people through gamification and social learning.

You can visit Faceboard’s website here.

Such incredible work, well done Lene!


Duncan Senkumba – Masso Awwo

Duncan Senkumba is an illustrator and animator from Uganda who pays particular attention to local subjects. Here, we’re sharing an animation he made that brings to life what it feels like to navigate a taxi rank in Uganda – all the sights, sounds and colours.

As South Africans, if we’ve spent any time at local taxi ranks, we can very quickly see both the similarities and differences. Amazing work!

The Wire Animation – Elliot Lim

Elliot Lim is a freelance director, designer and animator from the USA and we love this animation he did as a homage to The Wire. Firstly, if you haven’t watched the show, we do suggest you do and secondly, please take the time to have a look at this opening sequence Lim did, which features some incredibly illustration, animation and direction.

Beautiful work!

Check out more of Lim’s work on his website here.

Daniel Arriaga Illustration

Daniel Arriaga is an American illustrator who has managed to achieve a dream that very few illustrators will ever see come real: Working at Disney and Pixar. Arriaga has gone on to work on films we all know and love such as Toy Story 3, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up as well as Inside Out.

We love his soft, painterly style and clear love for his subjects. Arriaga is an illustrator-extraordinaire and you can look forward to seeing his work in an as yet unnamed Pixar release in 2017.

You can see more of his classic work here.