Eddie Wrey – Photography

Eddie Wrey is a commercial photographer who shot this series while on assignment in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He noticed all the women at the Adjame Market with their wares piled high on their heads and asked to shoot them. Because some were a bit shy, he shot them from behind – removing this worry.

We love the result – a look at modern African life with the classic ‘on-the-ground’ workaround you often have to do on a shoot resulting in a happy accident that makes this series even more arresting.

Check out more of Wrey’s work on his instagram account here.


Starbucks – Your Office Outside Your Office

This is clever!

To bring to life the promise that Starbucks is ‘your office outside your office’, Proximity Colombia used the very programs your work day is made up of as their medium of choice. With Word, PowerPoint and Excel, they created the iconic Starbucks cups. Perfect!

McDonald’s – Print Campaign

It doesn’t get more pure or minimalistic than this!

These print ads by TBWA Thailand form a campaign called ‘The All Nighters’ and using just visuals they tell a simple, powerful story. When you’re up at night working, doing your thing, playing sport or driving around – McDonald’s is open and ready for business.

Sophy Hollington – Illustration

Wow! Sophy Hollington is an illustrator from Brighton who believes in doing things the hard way, because it means a better result.

She specialises in lino-cuts, creating painstaking, detailed illustrations we absolutely love. Whether it’s slightly evil looking garlic (and why wouldn’t you want to illustrate that?) or gorgeous type, she’s at home and her style is just undeniable.

You can see more of her incredible work on her website here.