Intrínsecos – Packaging

Intrínsecos is a subscription based book club in Rio de Janeiro, with a corporate identity to make any design fan drool! It was designed by Estudio Pum, a design agency based in Sao Paulo.

Check out more of their amazing look below!


Alon Bonder – Art

Alon Bonder is an artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. His intricate designs and illustrations are inspired by a number of sources, with a strong push from shamanism, ancient cultures and hallucinogenic plants. We love the mix of modern, clean vector illustration with more organic forms. Amazing!

You can visit Bonder’s website to see more of his work here.

Student Gold Pack Awards

We’ve just heard that two of our students were named as finalists for the Student Gold Pack Awards 2018. What a great way to start the week!




Itchy Lice Treatment Kit

Daryl Surtees, a 3rd year Graphic Design student, created the packaging for a Hair Grooming Kit that treats the undesired lice on children’s heads. She made a concerted effort to create a kit with natural ingredients opposed to chemical ingredients. This more holistic approach was spurred by an article in which a mother sprayed insect repellent onto a child’s head and consequently the child succumbed from repellent poisoning.

Daryl also identified that the comprehensive treatment process would include having to use multiple products and to make this process hassle free she combined all the products into one convenient easy-to-use innovative pack.



Bloom Infused Sparkling Water

Taskeen Osman, a 2nd year Graphic Design student, designed a new approach to bottled water. Taskeen’s approach was to use water infused with edible herbs and plants containing the health benefits of each plant. The name BLOOM was chosen while she was looking for a synonym for “refresh”. Bloom captured her attention as it can be defined as more than just “a state of flowering”. The word as a verb, means to come into or be in full beauty or health; to flourish. Bio-degradable plastic as material was used for the bottle, this is recyclable, reusable and also compostable. The bottle cap is manufactured from PET plastic, as it is PVC-free and can therefore be recycled.


To learn more about the Student Gold Pack Awards, you can visit their website here.

Good luck Daryl and Taskeen!

Soft Criminal

Soft Criminal is a collaborative project between South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, London-based (but born in Sierra Leone) stylist Ibrahim Kamara and designer Gareth Wrighton. Using a punk sensibility and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humour it melds the worlds of fashion, photography and design into incredibly arresting images we can’t get enough of.

The work is currently on show at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn, New York.

Red Cross – Print Campaign

MullenLowe Bucharest created this campaign to advertise Red Cross Romania’s first aid courses designed to deal with common situations toddlers might find themselves in. We see toys and action figures stuck in a nose, an ear or a mouth – exactly the kind of problems that may arise with toddlers. And the copy brings it all together perfectly: Be the hero when their heroes hide away.