Sam Youkilis – Photography

Sam Youkilis is a young photographer based in New York with a great take on travel photography. We love the way he plays with scale and abstract images to create his unique style.

You can see more of Youkilis’ work here.

Adidas – Yung Website

They say that eventually everything old is new again. And this ‘blast from the past’ from Adidas, proves just that. To celebrate their new Yung range of shoes, which draw very strongly from the 90s aesthetic, they launched a website to match. If you weren’t on the internet in the 90s, you might wonder what’s going on here, but yes – that is what the internet used to look like back then; compete with silly gifs, busy backgrounds and some of the ugliest looking menus you’ve ever seen.

You can bask in some more olde internet goodness on the site here.

Aron Klein – Kukeri Project

Aron Klein is a London-based photographer. Today, we’re sharing his work from the Kukeri Project, where he photographed the Kukeri ritual of the Balkans; an annual tradition where men dress up in fantastic garments and dance the evil spirits away; ensuring a good new year to come.

What an incredible opportunity to capture culture like this! Check out more of the images below.

Pieter Henket – Congo Tales

Pieter Henket is a New York based photographer who has photographed some of the world’s top stars. In this project, Congo Tales, he turns his eye toward ecological efforts – photographing the people, culture and ecology of the Congo Basin; one of the world’s largest rainforests. Rather than go for shocking, sad or ‘expected’ photography to highlight an area like this, he has used his fine-art / portrait style to create images that serve not only as warnings to us about the importance of looking after our planet but also as beautiful pieces on their own.

You can visit Henket’s site here.