Student Goldpack Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists for the 2016 IPSA Student Goldpack Awards have just been announced and the good news for us at the Stellenbosch Academy keeps on coming! The following students have made it through as finalists: Alexandra Hanson, Stephanie Le Roux, Lhente Strydom, Alida van der Westhuizen, Ashton Winkworth.

And now we wait! The winners will be announced at the official awards lunch on 25 October at the Inanda Club in Sandton. Good luck everyone!


Alcoholics Anonymous Brazil – Print Campaign

This is not the first time we’ve featured work for Alcoholics Anonymous. And it may not be the last. When creating communication for something like AA, we as creatives are often given just a little more license when formulating our ideas. With the chance to take more risks, we have the chance to create things that are a little more out there and hard hitting. These hard-hitting ads for AA Brazil really bring that to life.

With strong, emotive copy that captures what it can feel like to feel stuck as an alcoholic, with nowhere to turn to, these ads reach out a hand to those in distress. By offering relatable stories, no matter how hard they are to read or think of, along with a bold visual style that reminds us of the anonymity of AA, these adverts go a long way to helping someone make that first call for help.



Pearl Vodka – Print Campaign

Rodgers Townsend/DDB did this great campaign for Pearl Vodka that takes cues from adventure posters and book covers of old, with typography, composition and borders to match.

With the line, Discover Pearl, we are transported into magical undersea worlds where people battle with sea monsters, jellyfish and even what look like evil mermaids just to reach the vodka.

A combination of smart photo manipulation and retouching along with great illustration make these adverts good enough to be printed out as posters and hung on the wall. Remember: The mark of good design is that someone may like your work enough to be willing to steal it!


Peter Assenga takes second place in Lürzer’s Archive Student Awards

It’s been an amazing few weeks for us at the Academy what with our Loerie news and all the other amazing things our students are doing. And the great news just keeps on rolling in! We are very proud to announce that Peter Assenga, a student at the Academy, was recently named as a runner up in the Lürzer’s Archive Student Awards.

To learn more about the awards and see what the judges had to say about Peter’s work, have a look at the Lürzer’s Archive site.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 16.05.52

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Busy Busy Busy

You can always trust Wieden+Kennedy to create memorable adverts. This piece for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is no exception. With Christoph Waltz as the star, we see him in increasingly outlandish scenarios, talking about Americans and the way they live and work. All the while, he is showing people features and benefits of the new Galaxy Note 7. This all ends in a beautifully tongue-in-cheek piece of hyperbolic American exceptionalism that you can’t help but laugh at.

It is masterfully done, beautifully art directed and very well written. This is advertising nirvana right here!

Have a look at the ad below and let us know what you think.


Stellenbosch Sport Ambassadors

Our second year students recently helped the Stellenbosch Sport Ambassadors develop visual elements for their athletes taking part in the Paralympics in Brazil. The final campaign, BeWon, shows how the athletes themselves can bring the community of Stellenbosch together. Well done to all our students involved: Chiquita Williams, Robyn Bodmann, Sarah Yeats, Jamie Waller, Mario Kirkland and Jess James.

Great work for a great cause!



Ottawa International Animation Festival – Posters

What a fun set of posters for the Ottawa International Animation Festival by McMillan, Ottawa.

With the line: Never Ever Grow Up, these posters feature crazy illustrations of older people doing things that only kids would do: Blowing out the candles on a cake, jumping into a kiddie pool and riding on a rocket. For a festival all about animation, this is such a perfect route to take -it’s all about the silliness that animation allows you to have. From the choice of colour through to the illustrations themselves, these are just spot on.