Manshen Lo – Illustration

Manshen Lo is an illustrator and art director based in London. When we first saw her gorgeous comic-inspired illustrations we knew we had to share them!

While each image is independent of the others, her style makes them almost feel like some grand narrative. Great work!

You can see more on her website here.


Miguel Pang – Illustration

Miguel Pang is a Barcelona-based illustrator with a messy hand-drawn style that is instantly recognisable. We love the bold pinks, wonky lines and most of all – the fact that you can see a human hand made this work. There’s a place for every possible illustration style under the sun, from hyper-polished CGI all the way through to rudimentary mark-making, but there really is something fun about this type of work.

You can check out more of his work at his website here.

Novarroz Rice – Packaging

Novarroz, a Portuguese rice brand, has produced this gorgeous Origins range, which features different rice from around the world. We love the way they use illustration as the main thrust of this packaging, capturing the feeling of each country where the respective rice comes from.

A very smart move from Super Brand Consultants, who were the creative agency on this project!

Applications are still open!

If you’re interested in a one year higher certificate in commercial photography you’ve come to the right place!

Our applications are still open for 2018 but places are becoming more limited by the day, so don’t delay.

We’d love to chat to you if you’re interested in the course or have any questions. If you feel like this could be the thing for you, please send an email to Louise.

To learn more about what the course entails, please check out this link.

Applications are still open!

Good news! Applications are still open for our three year BA degree in 2018 at the Stellenbosch Academy.

If you’re looking to study visual communication and have the ambition to become one of the top young creatives in the country – we are the place! Don’t delay though as spaces are limited and going fast!

Please send a mail to Louise if you’re interested.

To learn more about our BA degree, please click on this link here.

Colin Pantall – All Quiet on the Home Front

Colin Pantall is a British photographer, curator and lecturer who lives and works in Bath, England. Today, we’re sharing some images from his work All Quiet on the Home Front, which chronicles the life of his daughter from 2005-2017. We know that you could never capture a life or a relationship using just images, but what Pantall has done here is show such meaningful snapshots of his daughter growing up and his relationship to her. It’s interesting how photography is so often about time, the split seconds that make up the ‘perfect’ shot, and yet here time is expanded, spanning 12 years; an entire life to date!

Such meaningful, beautiful images – we can’t get enough!

You can visit Pantall’s website here.

Karen Asher – Photography

Karen Asher is a Canadian photographer from Winnipeg, with an eye for interesting, evocative portraits. This series, called No Cause For Concern, chronicles the people of Winnipeg that she interacted with (both friends and strangers) between 2008 and 2010. We love how meaningful, strange and ultimately human these portraits are.

You can visit Asher’s site and see more of her amazing photography here.