Marina Lewandowska – Illustration

Sometimes being restrained is one of the hardest things you can do as a creative person. Often our instinct is to add more but this is not always the best course of action. This series of posters by Marina Lewandowska, Foodies, shows just how simplicity and using an economy of line in illustration can make for incredibly arresting images.

We love how timeless these images become, because of their simplicity. We’ll take one or two for our kitchen at the Academy, thanks!

You can see more of her work on her Behance page here.

Or you can visit her website here.

L’Atelier BNP Paribas – The Virtual Economy

This website for L’Atelier BNP Paribas by Gladeye is a great example of how smart multimedia design and thinking can take editorial content and make it infinitely more exciting and interesting to engage with. This piece is all about the virtual economy and how it might change our world moving forward, especially in light of the corona virus crisis, and while it may be interesting as an article, when it is delivered in this kind of way it is elevated to a whole new place.

What a great example of how multimedia can make reading and learning more exciting!

You can visit the site here.

Albert Dros – Photography

Albert Dros is a Dutch photographer who has spent a long time photographing some of the Netherlands’ most famous citizens: Its flowers. Each year, around this time, the Keukenhof gardens open to the public, where people can go and visit their exquisitely laid out gardens and grounds. However, for this first time in the history of Keukenhof, no one has been allowed to visit due to the corona virus crisis.

Thankfully (for us), Dros asked very kindly if he could photograph the gardens as they are now – the chance of being able to shoot them with no visitors at all will probably never happen again. And these are the beautiful results of his request!

Keukenhof is billed as ‘the most beautiful spring garden in the world’ and after seeing these pictures we can see why.

You can see more Dros’s on his Behance profile here.

And on his website here.

Takeru Toyokura – Posters

Takeru Toyokura is an Osaka based illustrator, designer and artist. Today we’re sharing his work for the Rosavia shopping mall. To tell people about their seasonal sales and promotions, he used his signature style to create really beautiful pieces. He works mostly in felt and paper, which he used to make these posters, then shoots scenes to turn into the final artwork.

What an incredibly painstaking process, but the proof is in the work. It’s so unique and fun you can see that all the hard work is worth it!

You can see more of his work on his Behance profile here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Leya Online Book Store – Campaign

We’ve understandably seen a lot of ‘lockdown’ advertising in the last while, some of it more interesting than others. We chose this campaign to share as we feel it captures such a great benefit to reading and uses art direction so well to bring it to life.

It uses a really simple copy line and idea: Escape the lockdown and, using famous books, shows scenes outside the window from the books themselves. Spot on! Well done to Bar Ogilvy Lisbon for coming up with this!

Montezuma’s Chocolates – Rebranding Exercise

Montezuma’s Chocolates is a UK-based craft chocolate maker with a strong South American influence. This idea came from when the founders of the company travelled to South America and fell in love with it – the discovery of new things, the creativity and of course the chocolate!

Working with Butterfly Cannon on the rebrand, they used the creative platform: Welcome to a World of Endless Discovery, which you can see was a really clever way to encapsulate how the brand can represent itself creatively.

We love this packaging and we especially love the Chocolate Library idea, which houses a number of chocolates together as if they were books. So smart and so much fun!