Kyiv Tinctures – Packaging

Yaroslav Shkriblyak is a Ukrainian designer and typographer who did this work for Kyiv Tinctures, a vodka made and bottled in Ukraine. We love how he was able to create something so striking using a limited colour palette and some really gorgeous typography.

You can see more of Shkriblyak’s great design and typography work here.


Hugh Kinsella Cunningham – Photography

Hugh Kinsella Cunningham is a British photojournalist. This selection of work titled, Rituals of Resistance (Congo on the Brink), documents the Catholic church in Congo, which has become a symbol of peaceful political resistance. In an unstable political environment over the past years, the church has become a refuge for people as they seek to resist the current political strife and find some peace. We love how this work serves not only as a marker of a space we may not always be be able to access, but also as a political statement.

Have a look at more of Hugh Kinsella Cunningham’s work on his site here.


Arabella Simpson – Illustration

In a world that is increasingly digital, we really appreciate illustrators like Arabella Simpson. She uses pencils and paper to create her work, which is limited and informed by the size of the paper she is working on. By throwing together seemingly incongruous images, inspired by the objects and world around her, she is able to create a unique style that is immediately recognisable.

We love it!

Check out more of her work here.

Is Japan Cool?

This project by Enjin an Birdman for ANA, a Japanese airline company, asks a question we probably know the answer to: Is Japan Cool? (Yes, of course it is!) and answers it in a really fun way. This website, which is all about the beauty and importance of craftsmanship in Japanese culture, allows users to upload an image of themselves, then create their own samurai avatar, using an online tool. Once it’s done, they can then download the schematics and print their creation on a 3D printer.

Is Japan cool? Most definitely! Even more so than before!

You can visit the site here. Check out the video below for more details.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 14.28.09