Sua Balac – Illustration

Sua Balac is a German illustrator from Stuttgart with an impressive portfolio of work for a number of tech clients. Today, we’re sharing a selection of illustrations he created for Facebook, but honestly – his entire body of work is just top notch!

To see more of Balac’s work, check him out on Behance here.

Or you can visit his website here.

Tom Leighton – Photography and Art Direction

Tom Leighton is a London-based artist, photographer and printmaker who is a master of photo manipulation. Today, we’re sharing images from his NFT series entitled Engulfed, that saw him create fantastical psychedelic rock landscapes. They’re all available on Opensea here if you’d like to take a look!

To see more of Leighton’s amazing work, you can visit his website here.

Or you can follow him on Behance here.

Sarfraz Durrani – Photography

Sarfraz Durrani is a self-described ‘healer by day and traveller for love and wonder’. On top of this he has also pointed out he’s never ‘won a prize and never published anything’, which seems almost impossible to believe looking at the quality of his photographs!

Today, we’re sharing a selection of images from his series called Golden Hour at Tre Cime, which shows off his incredible landscape photography skills.

To see more of Durrani’s work, follow him on Behance here.

Shamanzs NFTs – Illustration

Brosmind, an illustration studio formed by two brothers in Barcelona, recently created this gorgeous set of NFTs inspired by shamans. It incorporates 9898 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. What Brosmind did on top of this though, was collaborate with other NFT creators to create ten 1/1 NFTs that incorporated both of their styles together.

Such a great use of illustration skills – we love it!

You can see more of Brosmind’s work on their website here.

Or you can follow them on Behance here.

Música Viva Vic Festival 2022 – Design

What a mammoth project by Quim Marin, an art director and designer based in Barcelona! He did the entire corporate identity for the Música Viva Vic Festival, which brings together music professionals from across the globe.

Not only does this project look great, but it shows you just how much goes into something like this. From programs to tote bags to the actual stage – Marin’s design is everywhere, and it’s beautiful!

You can see more of his work on his website here.

And you can follow him on Behance here.