DZYOB Sunflower Seeds Packaging

What a fun project from Ogilvy Ukraine! So if you don’t speak Ukrainian the first thing you need to know is what ‘dzyob’ means – it’s Ukrainian for beak, a fun reference to the shape of sunflower seeds. This idea is then fleshed out with a fun bird character that appears on the packaging and in all the marketing collateral. A fun, engaging solution that more often than not in this category (healthy snacks) can often result in somewhat boring design and branding.

Full marks!


Student Finalists – AdFocus Awards

We’ve just heard that two of our students, Michelle van Sittert and Carel Pretorius have made it into the finalists for the AdFocus Awards in the student category. This ‘student of the year’ award is based off a portfolio of work rather than just a single piece – we’ve shared some of Michelle and Carel’s work here so you can see what they sent in.

Well done and good luck! We’re holding thumbs!


Stella Artois – Special Edition

Such fun work from Stella Artois in Israel. Illustrator Pierre Kleinhouse designed these sleeves for the Stella Artois bottles using a limited colour palette inspired by the brand. Each illustration is based on the ‘live beautifully’ brand promise of Stella Artois, showing people doing a number of well… beautiful things!


Holistic Baking Company – Packaging

Typography fans – we have the packaging you’ve been looking for! We love this work for the Holistic Baking Company by Tania Zhurbenko. Nice and simple, on untreated card (which of course will help the buyer see that it’s at least a somewhat healthy / unadulterated snack) with some great type. What more could you want – other than some of those cookies of course…

Fencing equipment lines the wall at a studio in the city of Thiès, Senegal on April 29, 2015. Supported by OSIWA, organisation 'Pour un sourire d'enfant'  has implemented the sport of fencing as a form of restorative justice in a minor's prison for males and females in the city of Thiès, Senegal. This innovative judicial method works as a restorative rather than punitive approach to justice. Fencing is an effective method for helping incarcerated young people build self-confidence and respect (both for themselves and others), and engender discipline and determination.

Sam Phelps – Photography

Sam Phelps is a photojournalist currently living and working Senegal. When we saw his recent work, highlighting a fencing program for youth in Senegal, we knew immediately we had to share these on our blog. This is not just any  fencing program for youth though, this is specifically for children under 18 who have been incarcerated. With a large number of under 18s in Senegal’s prison system, this program was launched as a way for these kids to interact with each other and hopefully gain some sense of normalcy and a chance at redemption.

A beautiful black and white treatment and great composition make for a set of photographs that will stay with you long after you’ve seen them.