Heyraud Shoes – Print Campaign

What a special campaign by L’Associé for Heyraud shoes. We love the look and feel of this shoot – beautiful colours, great ideas and so much fun!


Maisie Marshall – Photography

Maisie Marshall is a British photographer who has found the most incredible community to capture with her lens: British cowboys. Believe it or not, in Devon, a rural part of England, there is a community of people who hold rodeos and live the cowboy lifestyle. These thoughtful images capture people doing what they love best – such a perfect use of photography to capture what it means to be human.

You can visit her site here.


Sugarbird Gin Brief

Our graphic design second year students were recently tasked to work on a real world client brief by Sugardbird Fynbos Gin. The ask was to design gift packaging and point of sale for retail. Rob Heyns, the co-founder and CEO of the brand shared his immense knowledge and expertise in the beer and craft gin industries with students, which set the tone for the work. With inspiration provided from the natural fynbos that is infused in Sugarbird gin, our students were able to come up with a wide range of incredibly creative solutions. These were all seen by Rob, who gave feedback to the students and chose a winning route.

The great news is: A number of these elements will be used in the final design, which will be hitting stores soon! If you see Sugarbird Gin in the bottle store this festive season, you’ll see the beautiful work created by our students. Don’t forget to buy a bottle!



Ahava – Packaging

Now this is how you incorporate design and illustration into one package!

This work by Shake Design for Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics company, celebrates 30 years of the company’s existence. To bring their concept of beauty, in all its forms, to life – they commissioned female artists to illustrate their understanding of beauty, which they then turned into packaging for the range.

We love this! It looks beautiful, it’s on brand and on top of it all it’s collectable. It doesn’t get any better!

Six Pendoring Finalists!

What incredible news! We’ve just found out that our students have achieved six finalists for the Pendoring Awards 2018. We have a special affinity to these awards as they are all about African languages, Afrikaans included – which means our students get to communicate either in their own mother tongues, or stretch themselves to communicate in a new language, which is not easy!

Getting a finalist for the Pendorings is no mean feat – we are so proud!

You can check out all of their work on the Pendoring website below.

Anja Roos

Monét Lacock

Monique Bonthuys (1)

Monique Bonthuys (2)

Savanna Hinis

Keagan Clack

Well done everyone! We’ll be holding thumbs!

Burger King – Print Campaign

Burger King has a pretty strong differentiating factor when it comes to other large fast food burger chains, and that is that their burgers are all flame grilled. This campaign by Buzzman Paris for Burger King Belgium brings the flame-grilled factor right to the foreground! Using a bunch of smart illustrations, these ads show how important flames can be to make things more exciting. With the payoff line: Always better with fire – you very quickly see just what it is that makes Burger King different to all the others.

Great art direction and great thinking!

Bacardi LiveMoves

This is a really inspiring one! To make a big splash with the launch of IGTV, Bacardi created the world’s first music video directly entirely through instagram polls. Over a period of around 9 hours, fans were able to vote and watch the music video being made in real time.

As you can see below, the results were tremendous!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 15.43.17

But to really appreciate something like this, you need to see it in action – check out the case video below to see how smart this idea really was.

After that, you can have a look at their website here.