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Apple Airpods Pro Website – Multimedia

If you’re looking for product and design porn, you can always look to Apple for great work. This website for their new Airpods Pro does not disappoint! Using some really beautiful scroll effects, it really takes the user through the product in a beautiful, in-depth way.

You can visit the site here. Enjoy!

CANALS – Website

CANALS is a personal project by Marcus Brown, a freelance art director, designer and creative based in Amsterdam. It charts the history and stories of Amsterdam’s canal network and utilises some stunning, cutting edge design to tell the story. We absolutely love this – from the scrolling to the design to the typography – this is what the future of magazines could look like!

You can visit Brown’s site here.

Bruno Simon – Website

This is how you flex your creative muscles! Bruno Simon is a digital creative who created this portfolio website, which is one of the best things we’ve seen in a while. It’s a fully interactive game where you control a little 4×4 buggy through a landscape and in that landscape you can find out more about Bruno Simon and his work. Nothing short of incredible!

You can visit the site here. Have fun!

adidas – Futurecraft

This is the kind of thinking we need more of in the design and fashion space. Adidas is leading the charge by designing and prototyping the world’s first 100% recyclable shoe. They’ve just completed the first round of testing and are now on the second iteration of the process, with the aim of having a consumer-ready model in the next year or two.

Not only is this thinking incredibly inspiring, it’s a great site too, bringing a whole lot of swagger and street cred to a subject that can be a little staid and boring if its not treated well.

Please, please, please – let’s see more of this thinking! No more fast fashion!

You can view the site here.

L’Occitane – Seeds of dreams website

This website for L’Occitane was created to show the biodiversity of Provence, where the brand comes from. It takes the form of a really cute interactive game where you can plant and care for seeds and see how they grow. Such an interactive way to help people learn more about your brand and what it stands for!

Please do visit the site here. You’re going to love it!