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A is for Albert

What a fun piece of work! This interactive tale of the life of Albert uses a really smart navigation idea, beautiful animations and great illustration. It uses the alphabet to tell the story, with each letter bringing to life the stories of parenting and child rearing.

So cute and so smart!

Have a look at the website here.

This was created in partnership between Studio Lovelock, the design agency and Matt Collins, the web developer.


Climatune Website

Spotify is a favourite of music streamers throughout the world and if they keep on creating such interesting projects, it’s no surprise to see them staying there for years to come.

With this interactive project they called ‘Climatune’, Spotify partnered with Accuweather to see what types of music people listen to based on the weather. This overlaying of listening data with weather is such a fun way to see how atmospheric conditions change what people choose to listen to. On the other hand – it’s also an incredibly fun way of showing you what Spotify is all about and how they think. Whether this is a retention strategy for current consumers or a way to get new people into the service – it’s most definitely working!

Check out the site here.

The Goldfinch – Multimedia

The rise of multimedia as a form of communication has seen so many new ways of bringing fairly ‘static’ things to life. Here, we see a website dedicated to The Goldfinch, a painting by Fabritius, that was created in the mid 1600s. This painting has been particularly interesting to Western culture as a whole, as many of Fabritius’ works were destroyed in a catastrophic fire – making this one of the few remaining pieces of his oeuvre. This obsession with the painting even inspired an entire book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

So, as a museum with such a famous painting, how do you promote it? This is where the Mauritshuis got smart. Realising that the painting itself is one of their best advertisements, they enlisted This Page Amsterdam (a digital agency) to create a site dedicated to the painting. Here you can learn all about Fabritius and the painting which acts not only as a great information resource, but also an incredible advert for the museum and the painting itself. After learning so much, how could you not want to see it in person?

You can visit the Goldfinch here.

Comme des Garcons- Black Pepper

Working on a brand like Comme des Garcons is a great opportunity to push the envelope. Being an avant-garde fashion brand means there is much more scope to push the boundaries and create something really interesting.

84.Paris took up that challenge here and did an amazing job. Bringing a fragrance to life through advertising must be one of the most difficult tasks in the business. Until we get smell-o-vision or some kind of other contraption, we’ll always be stuck trying to represent what something smells or feels like with imagery.

Interactivity, web design and multimedia have made this even more interesting as brands are now able to push the envelope even further when it comes to advertising their fragrances. This site for the new fragrance by Commes des Garcons, Black Pepper is such a great example. It’s fully interactive, incorporating artful illustration, animation and sound design.

Check it out here.

Toyfight – Website

Toyfight is a creative agency in the UK that does really strong creative work and they needed a website to bring that creativity and thinking to life. This new site, which features bold colour backgrounds and a really smart scrolling technique (you’ll have to visit the site to see what we’re talking about) makes for a breath of fresh air in the world of agency sites. Usually we expect walls of text and a blog that is updated once in a blue moon when someone remembers it. This is bold, punchy and memorable.


Check out Toyfight’s site here.

BMW – Paris Motor Show Site

If you’re a car fan, this is the site for you. It was designed by 84.Paris for BMW, highlighting their cars at the Paris Motorshow. As a user you can have a full 360 degree experience in the showroom, move from area to area and get details and information about every single car there.

This is truly the future of advertising. Imagine the thousands of people who are able to access these cars and this experience who never would have had the chance to attend the Paris Motorshow. It’s incredible!

You can look around the virtual showroom and kick some virtual tyres over here.

Have fun!

HP – Sound in Colour

Okay… this is a fun one! This interactive project by Resn is a promotional piece for the new HP Spectre x360, an incredible new computer. This website is just as incredible. By recording sound from your microphone, it converts that into images and brush strokes, creating computer-generated once-off artworks that come directly from the sounds you make, the music you’re listening to or the conversation you’re having.

You have to try it out for yourself!

Visit the site here.