Monthly Archives: November 2013

Kope | Figgins Photography

Cape Town’s own Kope | Figgins are an up-and-coming photography duo who not only create beautiful images, but also have a sense of humour.

To get an idea of their humour – check out their website, a nod to the Internet circa 1997 and try not to laugh out loud.

They do a lot of fashion and portraiture, with their signature crisp 90s aesthetic. Great, great work.

For a more up-to-date angle on their work, check out their tumblr, which they add to often.


Surprising Monsters Calling Home

Giving a small Indie band a big break is not something you expect a car company to do, but this year – Honda threw us all for a loop!

After seeing how the band Monsters Calling Home recorded an entire music video in their Honda van, Honda decided to surprise them with an opportunity they never would have expected.

This is the kind of advertising we like – brands spending their money on doing good for their consumers, giving back and rewarding them for being loyal. We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so check out the music video below!


Nobutaka Aozaki – From Here to There

In the world of Google Maps, we hardly ever ask for directions any more, and in a way that means we lost out on interesting cultural knowledge or local hideaways that no cellphone could ever tell you about.

Japanese artist, Nobutaka Aozaki has railed against this though, and with his work ‘From Here to There’ – he is bringing citizen-drawn maps back. Using loads and loads of pieces of paper, Aozaki is recreating a map of Manhattan, using directions from locals drawn on pieces of paper.

It’s a painstaking, difficult project but it is just so clever.

Ben Johnston – Adweek Type Mural

Locally-born talent Ben Johnston is a master of type design. Check out his work below. In just fifteen hours he designed and painted this brilliant quote from Ferris Bueller, for the Project:Rhino deskspace in Toronto, Canada.

Beautiful, beautiful work! For more from Ben, check out his Behance profile here.

Check out the making of video below.


UN Women – Search Engine Campaign

The UN Women organisation works for gender equality across the world, and in this new print campaign they take a very clever insight and make it into a powerful campaign.

Using Google’s predictive search terms (which suggest other things people have searched for along similar lines) this campaign shows what people are currently searching about relating to women, and the results are quite staggering. What better way to capture our current cultural zeitgeist?

The art direction is beautiful and the placement of the search bar over their mouths is just perfect. What a great campaign!

For more info on UN Women, check out their website over here


Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Wish

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is known for his large scale public works of art and his new piece, recently unveiled in Belfast a few weeks ago is no exception. It is nothing short of monumental. Covering 11 acres, it is so large that it can only be seen from the air or the highest points in Belfast.

Many many years in the making, it shows the face of an unnamed Belfast girl. In the end, a number of volunteers moved over 8 million pounds natural materials over about a month to produce the portrait.

For more of Rodriguez-Gerada’s work, check out his website here.


Rania Matar – A Girl and her Room

The American-Lebanese photographer, Rania Matar has been taking photographs of girls in their rooms for a good few years now, building up an impressive body of work. Not only are these portraits intimate and fresh, they are also a statement on the socio-political plight of girls across the world. We see pictures of girls living the ‘good’ life in America all the way through to girls who are staying in refugee camps.

A beautiful selection of very meaningful work. We suggest you look up more of Rania Matar’s work too. Her website can be found here.