Monthly Archives: January 2015

Alban Henderyckx – Landscapes

Alban Henderyckx is a French photographer who specialises in dramatic, otherworldly landscapes. These amazing images really make you think of how amazing our natural world is, and make you realise the lengths to which Henderyckx is willing to go in order to get the perfect shot – these are not easy to find places!

To see more of his work, have a look at his website over here.

Mr Cup – Letterpress Calendar

Mr Cup is the pseudonym of Fabien Barral, a French designer with a flair for typography and highly detailed designs. Here we can see his limited edition Letterpress Calendar and creative manifesto.

This really is one of the most beautiful objects we’ve seen in a very long time. And if anyone would like to get one for the academy library… we’d be very willing to accept one!

To see more of Mr Cup’s work, check out his website over here.

Max Zorn – Packaging Tape Illustration

Max Zorn is an Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator who works in a very unusual medium – packaging tape. While most of us are content with pens and pencils, it seems Zorn likes to get himself into sticky situations…

All (bad) puns aside, the level of detail Zorn captures using just packaging tape is unbelievable. Check out a ‘making of’ video below to see how he does it, then marvel at some of the finished products below. Such incredible work!

To see more of Max Zorn’s packaging tape art work, have a look at his website over here.

Fredrikson-Stallard Furniture Design

We always stress to our students how design can live in many forms. It is not just limited to flat design or packaging design – you can branch out into product and furniture design or information design – the opportunities are endless; it’s really about following your passion.

Today, we are sharing some incredible work from Fredrikson-Stallard – a furniture design company based in London. Their work is modern, impeccable and daring. How can you not fall in love with furniture this confident and bold? What beautiful design.

Prada Candy – Animated Comics

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to gifs lately, as a new medium for advertising. We’ve seen some great work coming through, but what is very exciting is that gifs themselves are limited only by our imagination. Here, we can see amazing illustrations for Prada by Francois Berthaud that both tell a story and animate as well.

In a category like perfume, where it is so difficult to differentiate yourself (especially before someone has smelled the product) it is vital to do something different. If Prada continues in this vein, we can see some real great results for them!

After seeing something like this, who doesn’t want to ask for Prada Candy in store?

Samsung – For Self Portraits, Not Selfies

The compact camera market has come under a lot of stress recently with the advent of smart phones and increasingly proficient smart phone cameras. So how do you market a new compact camera to a generation of people who are obsessed with selfies?

You do what Samsung and Leo Burnett Switzerland did. You point out that selfies are one thing, but self portraits are even better. We love the way they’ve recreated famous artists and their self portraits here to show that selfies are all well and good, but self portraits can last for hundreds of years.

Great concept, great art direction and a memorable idea. We love it!

Renaissance Junk Food – Rebecca Ruetten

Rebecca Ruetten is a German photographer who lives in New York. We love this series of photographs she did in a renaissance style (looking at Caravaggio specifically), using modern American junk food for props.

From the dark, renaissance-style lighting to the poses and still-lifes, this really is a masterful collection of images that make us look at the way we relate to food.

Snickers – You’re not you when you’re hungry

For a while now, Snickers has been running the ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, which is built on a very powerful insight – when we’re hungry, we can be a little… different.

The mark of a great idea is that it can continue to roll out through a number of executions and media and while this campaign has been running since 2010, they are still producing high quality executions. Here, we’ve shared a tactical Christmas ad, showing Father Christmas having his beard and hair cut and then some hilarious videos, featuring none other than Mr Bean!