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KFC – Big Chicken. Small Movie.

What a great example of illustration and animation! We love this piece!

Other than feasting your eyes on the craft involved in a piece like this, we must ask you to note that this entire story is told with little to no dialogue – no mean feat! We love it!

To learn more about the agency that made this, Wieden+Kennedy, take a look at their site here.


Acura NSX – Original Must Be Done

It’s so interesting to see how brands are able to bridge the space between the real world and online. Here, to celebrate a limited edition release of a new Acura NSX model, they created a personalised video for every single car that was produced. Just as every car has a number, every video has a number too. This means that as an owner of an original car, you are also able to watch a video that was created just for you. Such incredible attention to detail!

You can check out the videos (and drool over the car of course) over here.

New Balance – Baby vs Dale Steyn

We love this video that came out for New Balance South Africa just last week that pits one of South Africa’s favourite sport stars, Dale Steyn, against perhaps his most difficult opponent yet: A busy toddler!

It makes the great point that we’re all born athletes and when you see how Dale Steyn is doing by the end of the day – it’s easy to believe.

What a fun piece of viral content – a great idea that is beautifully art-directed and graded. If you’re interested in studying at the Academy, as an art direction student this is the type of work that you could expect to be making when you hit the industry.

How professional designers do their work

Here at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, we’re a little bit obsessed with logos. Not ‘crazy guy standing outside at your window’ obsessed, but pretty close… So where the average person sees a simple icon or logotype that they associate with a brand, we spend ages picking them apart and understanding them. Most importantly – we understand just how much work goes into a logo to make it what it is. We always say: It takes a lot of work to make something look like it was easy – and logos are a great example of this. The final design that you see on a shelf or on TV is one of many, many iterations and hours and hours of work. Here, we are sharing a video from Aaron Draplin (of Draplin Design Co.) where he explains his process and gives a few pointers when it comes to logo design. This video was originally posted on Lynda.com – an amazing resource for how-to videos and tutorials – don’t forget to check them out!