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Abused Goddesses



We all know how serious violence against women is, in South Africa especially, but with recent events in India – the light has been turned towards Indian society and how it treats women. This series of three print ads asks the hard hitting question: Would men still beat women if they were the goddesses they prayed to?

These ads for Save Our Sisters, an Indian charity, use beautiful art direction to get their point across. A great way to show hard-hitting imagery while still retaining great aesthetics.


Midttrafik – Bus

This ad from Midttrafik in Denmark shows how reframing an idea we take for granted can have amazing results and encourage shareability.

We all know how great public transport is, in theory. We know it saves money and cuts down on harmful exhaust emissions, we know that if enough of us used public transport that traffic would be cut down too – but often those great ideas don’t happen in the real world. And let’s be honest – buses aren’t the coolest things to be seen in, or to use.

So, how do you reframe what buses are? How do you make them cool and encourage people to use them? You can appeal to their heartstrings, you can present them with the facts or you can take this route – create something funny, memorable and shareable.

The ad you’ll see below takes buses and makes them into something anyone would want to use. Using tried and tested Hollywood tropes, it makes buses hard to ignore and offers a tongue-in-cheek look at a mode of public transport most people would rather forget about.

Illustration – Stephan van Wyk



At the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, we love great illustration, and we do our best to ensure our students in the illustration stream do the best they can.

This selection of posters by Stephan van Wyk show how great illustration can make for a compelling image, which makes you want to know more.

They say the mark of a good poster is one that you would want to steal if it were stuck on a street pole – we think these pass that test, not that we advocate stealing of course! 😉

Stephan van Wyk 2 Stephan van Wyk 3

Streetfighter Campaign

If you’re a boy (or girl) of a certain age, you remember playing Streetfighter against your friends. With 24 different games in the series, the chances are that one of them had you spending hours trying to perfect the perfect hadouken.

Rosie Lee, who we featured last week in our post about the redesign of the London Nike Offices, designed these beautiful posters for the launch of Super Streetfighter IV. Have a look and see if you recognise one of your favourite fighters!

Howard Schatz – Models and their Mothers

This photo series by famous photographer Howard Schatz provides an interesting look at how we perceive beauty. Seeing models with their mothers brings a new way of seeing these ‘perfect’ specimens and in some ways, makes them more human. Being able to identify those features we find appealing in their mothers is also interesting.

And of course, seeing where beauty comes from and how it ages also brings us thoughts of ageing and the eventual loss of our youth. If we can grow old half as well as some of these mothers, that would be a good start!

Check them out below!