Monthly Archives: November 2014

Timo Lenzen Posters

Timo Lenzen is a graphic designer from Germany, and one can immediately see his European design lineage when having a look at his posters. Stark, minimalist and mostly black and white with no extraneous details – this is true European design.

We love the flatness and starkness. Great work!

To see more of Lenzen, check out his website here.


Higher Certificate in Commercial Photography

If you’ve got an eye for photography or are looking to upskill and turn your hobby into a way to make money – we’ve got the perfect opportunity.

Our Higher Certificate in Commercial Photography is a one year course that helps you build an extensive portfolio to help you get out there and start making a name for yourself.

Applications close on 30 January 2015, so don’t waste time!

If you’re interested, send a mail to Louise and get applying – we hope to see you soon!


Ford – Spooky Carwash

So we’re a little bit late on this one – Halloween has been and gone – but this ad from Ford in America is so much fun. What a great piece of content marketing. Shareable, fun and engaging.

People were asked to go on a filmed test drive and stop off at a car wash on the way. You won’t believe what happens next…


Folasade Adeoso – Photo Manipulation

Folasade Adeoso is a Nigerian artist who specialises in photo manipulation and collage. We love the juxtaposition of African images with bold florals and stark lines.

To see more of Adeoso’s work, have a look at her website right over here.


Jonathan Crow – Veeptopus

Jonathan Crow is a writer and illustrator who lives in LA. When we came across this project: Veeptopus, we had to share it. The idea is simple – Imagine if every US vice president had an octopus on their head.

So silly, but so much fun!

To see more of Crow’s work – check out his website over here.


Massimo Gammacurta – Eat Me

Massimo Gammacurta is a photographer and conceptual artist who works out of New York. Here, we feature his typeface ‘Eat Me’ – made entirely from scratch as lollipops.

Is saying this seems like a sweet idea too cheesy?

To see more of Gammacurta’s work, check out his website here.


Studio Muti – Lighthouses of Southern Africa

Studio Muti is a Cape Town based illustration studio who do some amazing work. Here, we see a poster that details the lighthouses of Southern Africa, along with a custom typeface and a smart colour palette.

But Studio Muti don’t just do flat design and illustration, they also do product design, typography and icons – amongst others! To learn more about them and soak in some inspiration, check out their website over here.