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New York State – Covid-19 Public Communication Campaign

Usually when you see public service communication, you expect it to look and feel a certain way. Especially when its about something as serious as Covid-19, you might expect sober, clinical looking communication. But the problem is that very often that can end up being wallpaper. Because we as consumers know what that kind of messaging looks and feels like, it can be easy to not pay attention.

That’s exactly why we love this work by TBWA\Chiat\Day for New York State. By being colourful, hand-drawn and high energy it cuts right through the clutter and makes people pay attention.

Goolygooly Studio – Illustration

Based in South Korea, Goolygooly Studio is the brainchild of Kim Hyun. He is an illustrator who uses the innocence and joy of youth as inspiration for all of his work. Here, we’re sharing a selection of illustrations he did for a calendar, which was limited to 600 prints in total.

We love the character design in this work and that little penguin is just perfect!

You can see more of Goolygooly Studio’s work on their Behance page here.

Or on their instagram page here.

Yuko Higuchi x Gucci – Illustration

To celebrate the launch of their new collaborative kids and baby’s collection, Gucci and Yuko Higuchi created an online game where kids can play a puzzle game with the illustrations used in the collection. What a great way to bring multimedia, fashion and illustration together in one space. There’s even a downloadable colouring book!

You can check out the puzzle game here.

And to see more of Yuko Higuchi’s amazing illustrations, check out her website here.

Albert Carruesco – Character Design

We love this work by Spanish 3D designer, Albert Carruesco. This series of characters is called ‘More and More Stupid Friends V3’ and we can’t help but smile at the name he’s given them. We love the character design, the personality he’s captured in each character and the skills he’s used to render them so beautifully in 3D.

You can see more of his work on his Behance profile here.

Or his website here.

Marina Lewandowska – Illustration

Sometimes being restrained is one of the hardest things you can do as a creative person. Often our instinct is to add more but this is not always the best course of action. This series of posters by Marina Lewandowska, Foodies, shows just how simplicity and using an economy of line in illustration can make for incredibly arresting images.

We love how timeless these images become, because of their simplicity. We’ll take one or two for our kitchen at the Academy, thanks!

You can see more of her work on her Behance page here.

Or you can visit her website here.

Shanti Sparrow – Design

Shanti Sparrow is an Australian designer, illustrator and educator who lives and works in New York. Today, we’re sharing her work for the MIMIM zine, which explores ‘the most important moment in music’ – focusing on the Woodstock festival.

This is such a great piece of work that shows how editorial design, typography and illustration all work together to create something incredible. And what’s more – there’s even a video she created that explains her process. What a great way to see how she does it!

You can see her Behance page here.

And you can visit her website here.

Sean Longcroft – Illustration

Sean Longcroft is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK, who has a great eye for character design. We’ve shared his work for a travel sticker book today, which is such a great showcase of his work. We love the attention to detail in all the characters and the life he gives them.

Top notch stuff!

You can see more of his work on his website here.

And you can visit his Behance profile here.

BusConnects – Working it out Together

To encourage more people to use the bus system in Dublin, TBWA created this ingenious campaign that shows how buses make things easier. We love how they’ve represented the city as a rubik’s cube; showing how buses can connect everything together. The art direction and style as well as the animation is just perfect.

So clever!

Herlinde Demaerel – Illustration

Herlinde Demaerel is an illustrator who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. This work, called Night Scenes, really caught our attention for the way it treats colour and texture but really – all of her work shows the same skill and attention to detail. There is a huge amount of inspiration to be had from looking at her work!

You can visit her site here.

Or give her a follow on Behance here.

Chaaya Prabhat – Illustration

Chaaya Prabhat is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Chennai, India. Here, she illustrated the poem Ozymandias Percy Bysshe Shelley with aplomb. We shared this work today because not only do we love it, but it also shows a really great consideration for illustration, typography and design and how they all fit together.

You can visit her website here.

Or you can follow her on Behance here.