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Julia Barnes – Illustration

Julia Barnes is an illustrator originally from New Jersey, who now lives in Philadelphia, where she is studying at the University of the Arts. Her busy, colourful style is so exciting that when we came across her work we just had to share it! We especially love how she plays with perspective and sizing, bringing a figurative sense to her work.

You can check out more of her work on her site here.


Renault – Print Campaign

Publicis Bogota produced this ad campaign to celebrate 120 years of Renault – and what a fun piece of work it is!

With illustrated examples of classic Renault cars from the past and their modern counterparts, this campaign’s style is undeniable. We love the kind of ‘old school rally’ illustration style used by the art director.

Have a look at the campaign below!

PETA – Print Campaign

We love this campaign by Rocket Yard for PETA in Estonia. It uses the copy line, ‘Animal Rights. Human Wrongs.’ and shows how if the roles were reversed then the things humans do to animals can seem quite barbaric.

We especially love the attention to detail when it comes to the illustration in this campaign. Each execution is in a different style, which not only shows some smart thinking on behalf of the agency but also keeps the viewer interested.

What a great brief to get! Check out more of the campaign below.

Best of 2018

For Gradex ’18 we created this Best of 2018 video, highlighting all of our achievements for the past year. What a year of highlights! With some incredible work being done by our students and some really great award wins and accolades, it was one of our best ever.

Onwards to 2019 being even better!

Alex Gamsu Jenkins – Revisited

We’ve featured work by Alex Gamsu Jenkins before on the blog and now we’re back with more! We loved his satirical, narrative take on illustration earlier this year and now he’s back with more, even more satirical work. Here, he’s shifted into a comics-inspired style, with multiple panes telling admittedly sad and bleak stories about modern life.

Check out more of his work below.

And don’t forget to visit his site here.

Tinder – The Invention of Together

What a fun film! This piece by Buck for Tinder takes a cute look at human connection throughout the ages and makes the case that Tinder can help us reconnect with each other romantically without the strictures of decorum, social class and other things that have gotten in the way over the years.

We love the message and we especially love the art direction on this film. The soft, hand-made look is just spot on and the details included in this film are incredible. 

Check it out below!

Dairyland – Print Campaign

Milk is an interesting product to advertise. It’s something almost everyone uses and it can be difficult to differentiate your brand from others. Milk is essentially milk… right?

Unless you can add some meaning and emotion to your brand, in which case then you can start to differentiate and create emotional connections between your brand and the viewers of your advertising. That’s exactly what Dairyland Milk did here, with the help of their agency, Cossette.

They made meaningful dioramas evoking emotional memories inside their packaging, eliciting the kind of feelings that people may have had when consuming the milk in the past. Very smart stuff!