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Manshen Lo – Illustration

Manshen Lo is an illustrator and art director based in London. When we first saw her gorgeous comic-inspired illustrations we knew we had to share them!

While each image is independent of the others, her style makes them almost feel like some grand narrative. Great work!

You can see more on her website here.


Miguel Pang – Illustration

Miguel Pang is a Barcelona-based illustrator with a messy hand-drawn style that is instantly recognisable. We love the bold pinks, wonky lines and most of all – the fact that you can see a human hand made this work. There’s a place for every possible illustration style under the sun, from hyper-polished CGI all the way through to rudimentary mark-making, but there really is something fun about this type of work.

You can check out more of his work at his website here.

Novarroz Rice – Packaging

Novarroz, a Portuguese rice brand, has produced this gorgeous Origins range, which features different rice from around the world. We love the way they use illustration as the main thrust of this packaging, capturing the feeling of each country where the respective rice comes from.

A very smart move from Super Brand Consultants, who were the creative agency on this project!

Stefano Sauce Packaging

Now THIS is how you do a brand identity! We love this project by lg2 for Stefano sauce. From a fun logo, which draws directly from the man behind the sauce himself through to nifty applications onto T-Shirts and other collateral, we can see how lg2 really pushed themselves here to create a brand – not just a label design.

How could you NOT want this in your kitchen?

Camera Repair Centre – Print Campaign

Such great work from The Public House in Ireland for Camera Repair Centre. They’ve got a really simple message to deliver: Yesterday’s Cameras Restored For Today, which they brought to life with smart illustrations showing people using old cameras in the ways we use them today.

Spot on! And really funny too!

A Junod Absinthe – Packaging

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This package design for A Junod Absinthe is something amazing! You can see this design is inspired by not only the ingredients that go into absinthe, but also the crazy visions and stories that are associated with the drink.

With design by Randy Mora and lettering by Le Monsta, this is really some of the best packaging you’ll see this week, or even this month!

See more below.

Harley Davidson – Common Ground Posters

We really enjoyed these posters for Harley Davidson Canada’s Common Ground film by Zulu Alpha Kilo. Great illustration, smart art direction, awesome type design and a simplified colour palette make these posters something really special.

We read somewhere that all the best poster designs should be good enough that people want to steal them and put them up in their own homes – these really pass that test!

You can view the film here.