Monthly Archives: December 2019

McDonald’s Austria – Print Campaign

This print campaign for McDonald’s delivery (or McDelivery to use the official brand term) is simple and to the point and works off of a great insight: People love having a clean kitchen.

If you order McDelivery, your kitchen can stay just as pristine as it was. Great work by DDB Vienna.

Nice Magazine – Design

Nice Magazine is a new entrant on the design scene, now in their third edition. Their aim is to question Western narratives about Africa and that is something we fully support. The magazine was started by two sisters, Flurina and Sereina Rothenberger, from Côte d’Ivoire, and is now visiting Katlehong in South Africa. We especially love how this new design can highlight voices that most often are not heard and shine a new light on the ways that South African (and all African) people practice their creativity.

The magazine is published by Rollo Press, which you can learn more about here.

Ding Li Feng – Packaging

Seeing how different countries and cultures treat design is always a great way to clear your design palate. A new way of looking at things and a chance to garner some more inspiration from outside of your normal way of thinking.

We love this work by K-9 Design for Ding Li Feng, a confectioner based in Taiwan. It fuses modern and traditional Eastern design thinking to create a packaging design for the brand that is entirely appealing and beautiful to look at.

Vocation Brewery – Packaging

We feature craft beer packaging pretty often on this blog because not only do we love good craft beer, we also love the opportunities the category provides for packaging that takes risks. In the traditional beer category there are certain design tropes that are expected to be followed but craft beer, by its nature, is about standing out and doing things differently. That results in some beautiful packaging ideas that we love.

This work by Robot Food for Vocation Brewery is no different. Smart, beautiful packaging that turns a beer into a design object. What more could you ask for?

Laphroaig – Packaging

To celebrate a very special release honouring Ian Hunter, who was the last family member to manage the distillery, Studio Minerva created this beautiful book-inspired packaging. It tells chapter one of a story planned to continue over 15 chapters, which will reveal more about the story of Ian Hunter and Laphroaig time goes on. This packaging houses a 30 year old Laphroaig and is limited to just under 5000 units worldwide – a perfect, but pricy gift for Christmas!

Manon Molesti – Illustration

French illustrator Manon Molesti is a wizard when it comes to felt tip pens. Every single one of these illustrations you see here was painstakingly created using nothing but what we in SA would call khokis. Not an easy medium to work with – but she has mastered the medium for sure!

You can see more of her work on her website here.

Holly Warburton – Illustration

Holly Warburton, a Bath-based illustrator and animator, uses a mixture of digital and analogue techniques to create her evocative illustrations. We especially love the movement and attention to pays to light in her work, creating a huge amount of depth and narrative within the images.

To see more of Warburton’s work, give her website a visit here!