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De Steeg Brewing – Design

We love some good craft beer package design! It always allows designers to be just a little more daring and out there. This work, by TILT, is no exception. With beautiful illustration, enormous detail and great use of type – this is the very best that craft beer packaging has to offer!

See more below, including some process shots (which we always love).


Swedish Brewing Co – Packaging

If you love stickers and street art, this is the beer for you! We love what designer Mattias Lundin did for the Swedish Brewing Co. Inspired by the plethora of stickers and street artists out there, you can see how Lundin designed a number of ‘stickers’ which then work together to create the packaging for the beers. The great news – these stickers are also available separately.

Such a smart idea – and if you’re a street art nerd, even better!

Check out more below!

Farnham Ale Packaging

This work by lg2boutique takes the category of craft beer (something we’ve featured many times on this blog) and turns it on its head. Craft beer is always a good place to look for great design, because people are willing to take more risks. There’s more room to try something a little bit out there. Which is exactly why this packaging stood out to us.

Rather than being over the top, this design is all about radical restraint and minimalism. With a minimal colour palette and the utmost simplicity, this design creates enormous impact. Building from the fact that this beer has strong citrus notes, we see how this translates into a perfect answer to the question of striking packaging. It is not always necessary to be over the top and exuberant – sometimes less truly is more!

Smartmouth Brewing Company

We’re loving the craft beer revolution we’re currently seeing in SA and across the globe, not only because we love a good craft beer (and who doesn’t) but because it gives us a chance to see a number of new designs in the market that we never would have seen before. 

Whereas traditional beer brands are, well… traditional and employ bold, simplistic graphics on their designs – we’ve seen a range of craft beers that really push the boundaries of packaging design. They can be quirky, serious, artistic or just downright weird – and we love them all!

Today we present to you the packaging for new cans from the Smartmouth Brewing Company. Based in Virginia, USA – they produce a number of styles to suit a number of tastes. What they did with this packaging, thanks to design input from The Meridian Group was tell the story of the beers themselves, incorporating some brewing science, tasting notes and a whole lot of personal anecdotes of how the beers were made. 

We love these cans. Great work, now we just wish we could get them here in South Africa!