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Christopher Nunn – Photography

Today, we’re sharing some images from Christopher Nunn’s Far North series, which he shot in the far reaches of North West Canada. We love how in this case, photography can take us to a place we would (probably) never imagine visiting; seeing the people and how they live in this far-flung corner of Canada. Somewhere between documentary photography, portraiture and travel photography – these images offer such meaningful examples of what life is like up there in the Far North!

You can see more of Nunn’s thought-provoking work on his website here.


Giovanni Corabi & Roberto Ortu – Sardinia

Sardinia is an island off the coast of Italy with a unique and storied culture, but in the modern age things are changing. Teenagers and young people are questioning the usual ways of doing things as we move into the future.

This is something Giovanni Corabi and Roberto Ortu wanted to capture with their photography series, Sardinia, which takes a beautiful look at youth in Sardinia right now. On top of that, it also shows the old ways, contrasting the two divergent ways of thinking – directly showing us how the culture is splitting, or at least moving forward. This is photography as a representation of ‘teenagerhood’, with some incredible figurative touches, while also serving a documentary function at the same time.

If you ever find yourself questioning what photography can ‘do’ and how it can maintain relevance – you only need to look to work like this. It’s absolutely stunning!

You can visit Corabi’s personal site here.

And you can visit Ortu’s personal site here.

SHSadler – Photography

Wow! What a novel take on portraiture. This work by SHSadler for Schön! magazine takes the idea of beauty and repackages in an incredibly interesting and challenging way. SHSadler is a photography duo in LA who primarily work together on what they call, ‘the sculptural form of the nude’, a simple statement, yet one that results in a number of potential artistic directions.

It may not have been easy to shoot, but it really makes such a bold statement. You can see more of SHSadler’s incredible work on their website here. Be aware – because they work on nudes this site would be considered NSFW!

Aron Klein – Kukeri Project

Aron Klein is a London-based photographer. Today, we’re sharing his work from the Kukeri Project, where he photographed the Kukeri ritual of the Balkans; an annual tradition where men dress up in fantastic garments and dance the evil spirits away; ensuring a good new year to come.

What an incredible opportunity to capture culture like this! Check out more of the images below.

Pieter Henket – Congo Tales

Pieter Henket is a New York based photographer who has photographed some of the world’s top stars. In this project, Congo Tales, he turns his eye toward ecological efforts – photographing the people, culture and ecology of the Congo Basin; one of the world’s largest rainforests. Rather than go for shocking, sad or ‘expected’ photography to highlight an area like this, he has used his fine-art / portrait style to create images that serve not only as warnings to us about the importance of looking after our planet but also as beautiful pieces on their own.

You can visit Henket’s site here.

Luo Yang: Photography

Luo Yang is a Chinese photographer living and working between Beijing and Shanghai. Today, we’re sharing some of her work from her project Girls, which aims to document the multiplicity of young womanhood in China right now.

We absolutely love these meaningful, interesting portraits. The way they shine a light on a culture we can’t easily access in South Africa and show us both the differences and the similarities between SA and China is just mesmerising.

To seem ore of Luo Yang’s work, visit her website here

Eddie Wrey – Photography

Eddie Wrey is a commercial photographer who shot this series while on assignment in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He noticed all the women at the Adjame Market with their wares piled high on their heads and asked to shoot them. Because some were a bit shy, he shot them from behind – removing this worry.

We love the result – a look at modern African life with the classic ‘on-the-ground’ workaround you often have to do on a shoot resulting in a happy accident that makes this series even more arresting.

Check out more of Wrey’s work on his instagram account here.