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Mobile Marketing – why it is a game changer

The shift towards mobile marketing is becoming more progressive with

the advancement of new technologies and it is becoming increasingly

important for businesses to create cohesive mobile marketing strategies to best serve their 21st Century Customer. 

Mobile is the catalyst and enabler of change. The Technology that can create seamless integrated experiences for shoppers and consumers as they become increasingly mobile centric. Marketers need to understand and use the channel to connect, engage and influence them.

There is an increasing need for marketers to create and develop effective mobile marketing strategies.  In doing so, businesses need to make better, more informed decisions via increased knowledge and understanding of mobile marketing; use data and insight to plan, monitor and measure the success of their mobile presence and mobile-enabled marketing campaigns; understand current and proposed regulations and other laws affecting mobile marketing practices, as well as understand how mobile works differently in different geographic markets and with each player within these markets.

Want to know how to develop a more strategic mobile marketing campaign?  Contact the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.  They are hosting a two-day workshop on 25-26 March 2019 on Mobile Marketing.  This is the only accredited course worldwide and will be facilitated by industry expert, Carmen Murray.

Contact details:

(021) 880 2623


Best of 2018

For Gradex ’18 we created this Best of 2018 video, highlighting all of our achievements for the past year. What a year of highlights! With some incredible work being done by our students and some really great award wins and accolades, it was one of our best ever.

Onwards to 2019 being even better!