Monthly Archives: June 2019

Ian Weldon – Photography

When is a wedding photographer not a wedding photographer? It sounds like one of those crazy riddles or jokes, but this is something photographer Ian Weldon has asked himself and we feel, answered very well!

He began his career photographing weddings, as many budding photographers do, but rather than fall into the cliche and expected style of wedding photography, he turned the genre on its head. His photographs show the real things that go on at weddings, the crazy moments, the mess, the fun and the love. Speaking for ourselves, we would love to see more wedding photography looking like this!

You can see more of Weldon’s amazing work on his website here.

Volkswagen Beetle – Campaign

To announce the end of the Beetle, Volkswagen in Spain turned to their agency, DDB, who created this lovely campaign. It uses legends of the music world who had facial hair and superimposes the shape of the beetle where their moustaches would be. So smart!

This is all tied together with the campaign line: Legends leave but are never gone. Volkswagen Beetle 1938-2019.

It almost brings a tear to your eye!

Whiskas – Print Campaign

Whiskas cat food has been doing great communication for a long time. They understand the connection that people have with their pets and they speak about it often in their advertising. This piece of work from AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo is no exception.

With the copy line: Their curiosity inspires yours, we see how the curiosity of cats can inspire humans to see things differently. We especially enjoy the childlike illustration style used here, showing the innocence one feels when thinking about one’s pets.


Elena Iv-skaya – Website

We’re loving the trend we’ve noticed lately of web design taking cues from classic publication design. It creates a unified way to understand and take in content that we think is really useful. Yes, multimedia design means you can do literally ‘anything’ you want – but there’s something to be said about paying homage to traditional design to give your work a feeling of gravitas.

This website for photographer, Elena Iv-skaya, has the best of both. Not only is the design classic and believable, it also uses some really nifty scrolling and animation effects that you need to see for yourself to appreciate.

You can visit her site here.

Assai Chocolate – Packaging

This has to be some of our favourite packaging we’ve seen in a long time! This work by Happycentro for Assai Chocolate is spot on!

Assai is an Italian chocolate made in a local, traditional way and to pay homage to this, the design team took inspiration from traditional Sicilian puppet shows. You can see have different characters designed and illustrated for each chocolate variant. What’s especially exciting though, is if you have a mind to do so – you can cut out the knights and using some split-pins, you can create your own puppets.


Penguin Audiobooks – Outdoor Campaign

We love this by FCB Interface Mumbai. Trying to show a viewer an audiobook in a visual way is no mean feat, and this campaign does exactly that.

The way they used a timeline to show ‘where’ a character was in a story is just masterful. And, the use of recognisable stories like Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book makes them very easy to understand. This is vitally important when you’re doing outdoor advertising of course, as people often only have a few seconds to understand the communication.

Check out more below!

Cengiz Yar – Photography

Cengiz Yar is a photographer based in New York city. For the last few years, much of his focus has been on Iraq and the aftermath of all the fighting that has taken place there. This series of work Safe Home, looks at the efforts of the local people to remove mines and other Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from their surroundings, creating a poignant set of documentary photographs that stay with you long after you’ve seen them.

You can see more of Yar’s work on his website here.