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Thirty One Loerie Finalists!

What incredible news to share with you! We’ve just heard that our students have secured 31 finalists for the Loerie Awards 2017!

To everyone involved, from our students who provide the hard work to our lecturers, who provide the inspiration – well done! What a great way to be recognised!

To see all of our results please click here, then search for ‘Stellenbosch Academy’ in the search box and you’ll see all 31 (yes, thirty one!) of our finalists.

We can’t wait to see how everyone does. Good luck!

Leah Gordon – Photography

Leah Gordon is a British multi-disciplinary artist working in whatever medium takes her fancy at the time or best allows her to express herself.

Here, she turns her lens to the freemasons of Haiti, capturing their costumes, rituals and spaces in a set of beautiful photographs. Seeing how the rituals of an order that started thousands of kilometres away can be reimagined here is just so interesting.

You can see more of her incredible work on her website here.

Tor Brandt – Illustration

Tor Brandt is a Danish illustrator with a unique, very minimal style that is informed by underground comics. What we love here is how he is able to create such evocative scenes with so little. With very simple colour palettes and a real economy of line, these illustrations say so much – the mark of a true talent!

Visit Brandt’s site here.

Karifurava – Illustration

Karifurava is a Japanese illustrator and artist with a unique almost ‘low-tech’ style that is at once inspired by traditional Japanese illustration but at the same time entirely new. With elements of street art and a bold use of colour, Karifurava’s work is instantly recognisable – and really quite compelling.

Sadly, he is fairly elusive – only maintaining an Instagram account for an online presence. We do suggest you follow him though!

You can follow Karifurava here.

Fabrice Monteiro – Photography

Fabrice Monteiro is a photographer working out of Dakar, Senegal. For this project, entitled: The Prophecy, he worked with a local costume designer, Doulsy, to create a set of fantastical images that imagine what the future of West Africa might look like. These images get even more interesting though, when you learn that they are inspired by local folklore and so intricately composed that they took two years to complete.

Incredible work!

You can see more of Monteiro’s work here.

Nissin – Film

If you said to us that ‘white mystery meat’ was a selling point for a new product, we’d look at you with a little bit of skepticism and say something along the lines of: No way. To a westerner, describing cubes of meat as ‘mystery’ and ‘white’ is just incredibly unappealing. On top of that… meat doesn’t really come in cubes, does it?

And yet, in Japan, cubes of white mystery meat are a real selling point. In this execution, for the Nissin company (which makes cup noodles), we see an entire 3D animated film touting these mysterious meat cubes for Nissin’s new Chilli-Tomato noodles. Well done to Dentsu Tokyo for making these meat cubes so appealing, because after seeing this ad, even we’re interesting to know what they’re all about!

San Diego Zoo – Africa Rocks

What a cool way to advertise a zoo! We’re so used to traditional communication with wildlife photography and other cliches, why not throw it all on its head?

This work by M&C Saatchi Los Angeles takes African animals and turns them into a crazy psychedelic experience, told with great colour choice and some funky illustrations. Have a look at the film below.