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Havaianas – Made of Brazilian Summer

Havaianas is such a fun brand to work on. With colour, happiness and the essence of ‘Brazil’ in their brand DNA, it’s a license to really go out there and make bold, fun ads.

These print ads by AlmapBBDO Brazil are no exception. They’re bright, fun and exciting and best of all – they really capture the joy of Havaianas flip flops!

(On that note, can it be summer yet?)


Havaianas – Welcome to Brazilian Territory

It’s not often that a brand can transcend its category and become a national symbol for an entire country. In a way, that is what Havaianas has done – lifting the humble flip flop from a cheap beach shoe into something an entire country can rally around as a source of national pride. This is partly due to Havaianas as a product, but also very strongly influenced by the power of their branding. Everyone recognises the colour and energy that comes with Havaianas advertising and these two print executions by AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo are no exception. They’re bright, they’re colourful, they’re Havaianas and most of all – they’re Brazilian.