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Hollie Fernando – Photography

Hollie Fernando is a photographer based in London who takes such beautiful portraits. This set is something we’ve not seen much before: She took photographs of every trick or treater that knocked on her door for Halloween last year.

So much fun!

Check out Fernando’s site here.


Second Year Students work with The Futures School

Our second year students have been doing a three week project with The Futures School, with the aim of proactively planning and creating the future.

So far, it’s been an amazing process – with inspiration, hard work and new ways of thinking really helping our second years to expand their minds and think more critically about their place in the world as future creative professionals.

To learn more about The Futures School, check out their website here.

3rd Year Student Film – Midnight at the Flambabosa

Our 3rd year Multimedia students have collaborated on a film which will be releasing very soon called, ‘Midnight at the Flambabosa’. It was penned, produced and promoted by them under the collective name of Eazy Eez Productions.

We’ll leave you with the official blurb below:

The film follows Nathan (Samuel Janutsch), writer of the marvellous and fantastic, as he sets out to write the many chapters of his next book. When a gust of wind, announcing Amber’s (Jessica Janutsch) arrival, dislodges his hat, which is always lined with tinfoil, things become… a bit weird. Occupants of the café are transformed into the characters in his book. Trapped in a construct of his own making, will Nathan find his way out or how will his story end?

We can’t wait to see it!

Stellenbosch Academy at the Open Book Festival 2017

This Sunday, 10 September, Wessie van der Westhuizen (our multimedia studies Head of Department) was in conversation with Su Opperman and Roberto Milan (from Vega School) about the future of storytelling in South Africa. This was with a specific slant on helping to grow and mold the next generation of storytellers. One of our students, Geena Prior, also spoke at the event, where she showcased her short film, Looner, which you can watch below.

To learn more about the Open Book Festival, check out their website here.


Patrick Sluiter – Illustration

We love this work by Patrick Sluiter, a graphic designer and illustrator who focuses motion and 3D design.

These soft, sad forms are really quite lovely in their own quiet way. Despite being melancholic, there is something a little wry and funny about them. And for any of us to deny we’ve felt the way some of these illustrations depict is probably just untruthful.

To see more of Sluiter’s work, check out his portfolio here.