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Stellenbosch Academy Student wins the Street Art Meets Climate Change Challenge.

It seems the good news just keeps on coming for us this week! We’ve just heard that Lene van Heerden has won the ‘Street Art Meets Climate Change’ Challenge. The goal of the competition is to make messaging around climate change more relevant to the youth, with a style that is more interesting than pure facts or messaging.

After being named one of three finalists, Lene was the overall winner with her submissions, included below. Well done!


The Outings Project

Julien de Casabianca is a French visual artist who has started an art movement called the Outings Project. Inspired by noticing a beautiful painting that was stuck in the corner of a museum, unloved and unnoticed, de Casabianca had a brainwave – why not take these paintings to the public at large. And thus, the Outings Project was born.

Initially, it was just de Casabianca – photographing paintings, printing them and pasting them up in public spaces, but soon people across the world caught onto the idea and started doing the same thing. At first, de Casabianca didn’t expect this to happen but the project has evolved into a movement where anyone is encouraged to photograph art in a gallery or museum with their cellphone, print it out and paste it up to share with the public.

What a brilliant idea! We would love to see some of the beautiful paintings in the Iziko National Gallery pasted up around Cape Town!

To see more of the project, we do suggest you check out their instagram account here.