Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ladushki Kid’s Yoghurt – Elena Pyrko

We like to see what other students are doing across the world, because it gives us an idea of how well we’re doing and to what level our students are achieving. We must say, this work by Elena Pyrko from the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow is really, really impressive.

Her mockups for a children’s yoghurt range are just the right amount of cute, whimsical and functional. Great work.

Now it’s up to our students at the academy to see what they can do!

El Bandarra Vermouth – Packaging

El Bandarra is a Spanish vermouth and this packaging design by Albert Virgili is nothing short of inspired. As vermouth is generally enjoyed as a drink between friends on a Sunday afternoon before lunch in a neighbourhood bar – he has used typography to bring to life the kinds of conversations people have when relaxing together and shooting the breeze.

The typography is beautiful and most importantly, the idea behind it is just so powerful. What a great example of


Eastern Botanicals Package Design

Eastern Botanicals is a supplement company in Vietnam that provides a range of products for a range of applications. This work on their packaging design by Rice Creative is so good, we just had to share it.

We love the beautiful, simple illustrations that accompany each product – detailing the plant from which the extracts are taken. Such a beautiful mixture of hand-drawn work and modern design thinking.

Kaethe Butcher Illustration

Coming across this illustrations by Kaethe Butcher made us jump with joy. We love these intricate illustrations with fragments of song lyrics peppered across the canvases. There’s an element of Klimt and Schiele coming through in her work, which as fans of the two we must admit is very appealing. Given that Butcher stays in Germany, this is perhaps to be expected!

Feast your eyes!

Hollis Brown Thornton Illustrations

For those of us who have been around a little longer, who remember things like the sound of dialup internet, or getting cassette tapes stuck when you rewound them too often – these illustrations are just the right kind of nostalgia. Not too twee, but just the right kind of warm and fuzzy feeling you’re looking for when it comes to the nostalgia game. And as a bonus, these are all done by hand with marker – in true old school fashion!

To see more of Hollis Brown Thornton’s work, have a look at this website right over here.

Freedom Tattoos

This initiative by ISOBAR Poland (they have local offices too, so do check them out here) is really one of the most innovative uses of design to tangibly help people’s lives we have seen.

The idea is so simple and yet so powerful: Helping people with crude, stigmatising tattoos that they got in juvenile detention centres or prisons to get new, better-designed (and much higher quality) tattoos to cover them up, so they can be better accepted into society. We all know that prison tattoos can mark people for life and seeing an idea like this is really heart-warming. What a great, great idea!

To learn more about the initiative, check out this link right over here.