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Stephan Schmitz Illustration

Stephan Schmitz is a Swiss illustrator and lecturer who has the ability to tell amazing stories with just images. His simple, poignant images do so much with such an amazing economy of line and reveal hidden feelings and yearnings inside all of us that we can relate to.

To see more of his thought-provoking work, have a look at his site here.



Deepblue Architecture Gifs

Deepblue is a German advertising agency that faced an interesting challenge: How to attract new talent in an exciting way. They hired Kjosk, a design agency to work their magic.

The result: An animated gif for each letter of the Deepblue logo.

We feature gifs more and more on this blog and as far as we’re concerned, we will only see more in future. It’s always exciting to see a format being used in new ways and with diffusion of screens and the Internet available everywhere, these kinds of images are perfect.

Long live gifvertising!

Canadian Passport Design

There’s something just so gratifying about great design. Usually, this is something anyone can understand or interact with, no matter how little design education they may have had.

The Canadian passports are a perfect example of that. Using UV printing techniques, the designers created something absolutely special out of something really quite mundane.

We love it!

You can check out all the original pics here.

Reebok – Live Free Range

We love this campaign Reebok ran at the beginning of 2014, from Venables Bell & Partners. It takes a few swipes at the fitness industry (which we must admit we did giggle at) and urges us all to ‘Live Free Range’. Rather than running on a treadmill, lifting unnatural weights or going on a ridiculous juice cleanses or other ideas, we should be outside being humans and … living free range. Yan Martin (Reebok’s VP for global brand communications) was quoted in Adweek saying, ‘We are encouraging people to break free from conventional fitness resolutions to push themselves.’ We can’t agree with this statement more.

This campaign extends further than just a YouTube ad though, which you can see below. Reebok even looked through social media posts at the beginning of the year about fitness resolutions and sent people personalised T-Shirts with their own words printed on them (packaged in egg cartons, of course).

reebok-chicken-1 reebok-chicken-2

Freedom Tattoos

This initiative by ISOBAR Poland (they have local offices too, so do check them out here) is really one of the most innovative uses of design to tangibly help people’s lives we have seen.

The idea is so simple and yet so powerful: Helping people with crude, stigmatising tattoos that they got in juvenile detention centres or prisons to get new, better-designed (and much higher quality) tattoos to cover them up, so they can be better accepted into society. We all know that prison tattoos can mark people for life and seeing an idea like this is really heart-warming. What a great, great idea!

To learn more about the initiative, check out this link right over here.

Sholim – Animated Gifs

Milos Rajkovic, aka Sholim is a Serbian designer, illustrator and artist whose eye-catching gifs blur the lines between art, illustration and memes. With a focus on modern ills and their effects on society, Sholim’s work is at once socially cutting and incredibly immediate and of the now. Rather than static images on a gallery wall, these are vital pieces of moving art that can be shared at the speed of thought.

What an amazing way to get your work out there for the entire world to see. We’ve said before that we are keeping an eye on gifs as a form of branding and self-expression and to see the medium taken to this level really is incredible.

Check them out below!