Monthly Archives: December 2013

Alex Konahin – Little Wings

Alex Konahin is an illustrator from Latvia. An illustrator with a fine eye for detail, a steady hand and a lot of patience. He specialises in hand-done highly detailed pen and ink drawings. In this series, he focuses on insects, bringing his signature detailed style to the fore.

For more of his astounding work, check out his Behance profile here.

Yaw Tony – Fabric Design

We love these African-inspired patterns by Yaw Tony, working out of Canada. Drawing inspiration from West African prints, these patterns show a bright future for great design coming from Africa.

To see more of Yaw Tony’s amazing work, check out his Behance profile here.

Share a Coke with Bobby

Coke’s new summer campaign in South Africa has so far been a great success – not only because they’ve printed cans and bottles with people’s names (encouraging people to find their name, buy the product and share it on social media) but also because of this beautiful ad, shot in Johannesburg.

It features some of Jozi’s hippest and most happening creatives, including the guys from I See A Different You, who you may remember we featured a while back, over here.

The art direction is on point and it shows¬†our South Africa. It may be a bit dirty and grimy at times, but we’ve got hope and inspiration to burn. We love this ad.

Have you found your name yet?

Twins Cartoon – Egyptian Characters

We’ve loved sourcing African design work over the past few days and these illustrations from Egypt are another great example. Produced by Haitham Raafat for his studio Twins Cartoon – these images provide a subjective look into contemporary Egyptian society, viewed from a creative’s vantagepoint. We love how expressive they are and how much they reveal, so simply.

Great work!

For more of Raafat’s work, check out his profile here.

Marco Ambrosi – Africans Living In Italy

This series of photographs by Marco Ambrosi uses photography as a social tool. By photographing African immigrants in Italy, he aims to give them the respect they deserve. As a group of people rendered largely invisible by the Italian public, he feels that photographing people like this brings them to the fore and humanises them – highlighting similarities between cultures.

They’re beautiful images and are art-directed beautifully too, with muted brown and cream tones. Great images for a great cause, what more could you want?

For more of Ambrosi’s work, have a look at his website here.

Fieldwork – Corporate Identity

Fieldwork is a design and digital agency based in Manchester. As a collection of artists, designers and developers they feel that both internal work and client work is important and their recently redesigned corporate identity shows that keeping yourself busy with internal work is a great way to produce something great with a little less pressure than working for clients.

We love the simplicity and versatility of the design. Perfect.

Lucid Stead Transparent Cabin

When we saw this project we knew we had to share it. There’s nothing better than a brilliant, simple idea, beautifully executed. The artist Phillip Smith designed this cabin in California’s Joshua Tree national park, adding mirrored strips to a 70 year old cabin. These reflect the surrounding area in the day and at night are lit by solar-powered LEDs.

We love this type of design-thinking; making something ‘part’ of a place rather than just designing for the sake of designing. This thinking began with the likes of Hundertwasser and his roof gardens, which aimed to minimise the amount of land that was ‘used up’ by buildings. If you are interested, we do suggest you investigate him further.

For now though, take a look at these amazing photos.