Monthly Archives: August 2018

Kgalagadi Wines – Packaging

This work by Mark Studio for Kgalagadi Collection wines is gorgeous! Designed as a collection of wines for a series of luxury guest camps in the region, we can see how having a few glasses of these wines could make a stay in the Kgalagadi even more spectacular!

Nike Tech Pack Collection – Video

If you’re looking for some sleek, beautiful art direction you’ve come to the right place. This film for the new Nike Tech Pack Collection is such a great example of how a unified vision can come together. Taking inspiration from the futuristic feel of the clothes, this ad offers a well thought out colour palette and just the right amount of flourishes to really bring the feel of this collection to life.

Alexander Coggin – Photography

Alexander Coggin is an American photographer who plies his trade in London. We’re sharing his project, Untitled (Community Theatre), where he goes backstage at local community theatre productions near his home in Michigan and captures local kids taking part in the productions.

It so strongly brings to mind the excitement, trepidation and energy of those early days when we did our time in the school play or other productions! Lovely!

You can see more of Coggin’s work on his (very fun) website here.

Ailsa Johnson – Illustration

Ailsa Johnson is an illustrator based in Tokyo, originally from Halifax in the UK. She graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with both a BA and an MA and we have to admit – we’re in love with her work. With such a simple style, she is able to convey so much – the mark of a true illustrator!

Check out more of her work below and visit her website over here.

Katherine Glenday Ceramics – Visit

Recently, our Second and Third Year students were invited to visit the celebrated ceramicist, Katherine Glenday, at her studio in Kalk Bay. Glenday specialises in porcelain; creating fragile, beautiful vessels that resonate with a quiet stillness. She went on to explain how she uses moulds to make her vessels as well as working on the wheel – creating objects which are so fine they are almost translucent in appearance. She went on to explain how different glazing techniques work and how important play and experimentation are to her creative process.

This was followed by a trip to the Kalk Bay Modern gallery, which sells her incredible work, amongst other gorgeous pieces.

Check out the pics from our visit below!

Secret 7″ X Squarespace

What a fun, interactive design/typography hybrid for Secret 7″. If you aren’t aware, Secret 7″ is a musical project once a year where artists release hard to find music on vinyl. It’s always accompanied by incredible feats of design and creativity and this multimedia project powered by Squarespace is one of the best we’ve seen.

Users on the site can choose from seven different emotions, then use an online tool to create their own one-off piece of typographic art. What a great way to combine design, typography and multimedia all in one space!

You can visit the site here.