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Fierce Whiskers Distillery – Design

Fierce Whiskers is a new entrant to the whiskey market from Austin, Texas. To get their brand off the ground, they turned to The Butler Bros, an agency that specialises in naming, narrative and visual design. The good news: The Butler Bros did an incredible job. Through smart, insightful design they were able to create a brand that is at once premium, authentic and trustworthy. It has all of the design cues one might want from a whiskey, giving it a sense of heritage, but it also stays entirely on trend with current liquor design.

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Samovar – Packaging

We love seeing design from other markets – looking at the cultural aesthetics and how they inform the way someone chooses to represent something. Here, we’ve got a Russian moonshine called Samovar, designed by Aleksey Poteychuk. There’s something especially exciting about how decorative the Cyrillic alphabet can become, precisely because we can’t understand it. It almost immediately becomes a visual element, rather than text, at least to our eyes.

Either way, this looks like something we’d love to have a bottle of at the Academy. Anyone want to send us one from Russia?

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American Royal Mead – Packaging

This packaging by Dunn & Co for American Royal Mead is just perfect. Decadent and beautifully designed, with perfectly considered typography and illustration. Mead is a honey wine and you can see how they took the natural colours of bees and turned them into super-premium experience with gold and black.

This is the kind of product¬†you buy just so you can keep the bottle (even though the mead tastes amazing, by all accounts). Now that’s good design!


Taste of Greece Ouzo

What do you do when you’re trying to differentiate a product like Ouzo, which has become a typical ‘souvenir gift’ when people visit Greece?

If you are Dolphins Communication Design from Greece, you take inspiration from old Greek vases and update your packaging with desirable graphics which go so far beyond the typical clear glass bottles of Ouzo we’ve all seen a hundred times.

They’re eye-catching, the designs are great and most of all they are something you can be proud to give a loved one after a visit to Greece. A great example of how design can take a product and make it entirely more desirable.

For more work from Dolphins Communication Design, check out their website here.