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Warbringer Warmaster Edition – Packaging

This brilliant work by Chad Michael Studio takes inspiration from old prizefighting posters for a new edition of Warbringer bourbon. This edition, ‘Warmaster’ is inspired by MMA fighter Josh Barnett and features some gorgeous illustration and a real appreciation for design.

We love it!

Pridem’s London Dry Gin – Packaging

A bit of nautical-inspired design never hurt anyone! This work by Enpedra Estudio for Pridem’s London Dry Gin takes inspiration from classic British naval outfits and reimagines them in gin bottle form. This is a perfect, given the history of gin and where it comes from. What a fun idea!

Gin ahoy!

O’Neill’s Irish Whiskey – Packaging

Is there anything nicer than high-quality premium liquor packaging? Not much if you ask us…

This work by Think Bold Studio shows how important packaging and design is when it comes to branding. Think about how much the gold foiling, the lettering and the overall feel of this design makes you feel as if you’re getting a premium spirit. If you consider that this is a new(ish) entrant to the whiskey market, one of the only ways you can stand out is through good branding – something that will make a consumer reach for your brand over someone else’s when they’re at a bottle store or ordering from a bar. When you’re up against other brands with strong recognition and years and years of heritage, this is one of the only ways you can stand out.

Have a look at more of the details below!

Sugarbird Gin Brief

Our graphic design second year students were recently tasked to work on a real world client brief by Sugardbird Fynbos Gin. The ask was to design gift packaging and point of sale for retail. Rob Heyns, the co-founder and CEO of the brand shared his immense knowledge and expertise in the beer and craft gin industries with students, which set the tone for the work. With inspiration provided from the natural fynbos that is infused in Sugarbird gin, our students were able to come up with a wide range of incredibly creative solutions. These were all seen by Rob, who gave feedback to the students and chose a winning route.

The great news is: A number of these elements will be used in the final design, which will be hitting stores soon! If you see Sugarbird Gin in the bottle store this festive season, you’ll see the beautiful work created by our students. Don’t forget to buy a bottle!



YOU Rice Wine and Rice Vinegar Packaging

Rice wine and rice vinegar are intricately intertwined in Chinese culture. Myths abound of their first invention, where both were discovered almost simultaneously. Interestingly enough, the Chinese characters for both wine and vinegar share a common root, the word YOU (酉), which is a wine vessel.

This character was in fact used as inspiration for this packaging work as the lid of these bottles is the first stroke one would make when writing YOU (酉). Further premium flourishes are brought through in both walnut and oak material on the packaging.

Well done Rong design – this is really exceptional!

Grönstedts Le National – Packaging

Every now and then a project comes around that makes you really sit up and take notice. This work by Nine Stockholm for Grönstedts cognac is one of those! What’s especially interesting about this cognac, Le National, though, is that it is only produced once a year in very limited quantities – never more than 1500 bottles. This creates an interesting design challenge, as every year they need to create an entire experience that is differentiated from the last, while still being premium, desirable and ultimately collectable.

It is clear that Nine, the agency behind this work, met the brief and more – this is some of the most exquisite packaging design we’ve seen in a long time. From the way that illustration is treated through to the box, the typography and the entire experience of the packaging – this is nothing short of world class.

Have a look at more of this work below.