Monthly Archives: April 2014

Air France

This new look and feel and campaign for Air France is absolutely incredible. Drawing inspiration from old school travel posters and design, it is updated with beautiful new art direction and photography.

For more info on the agency behind the work, check out BETC’s website here.

And the photographers are Sofia and Mauro.

The Rapid Packing Container

This project out of Cooper Union, a college in New York for the advancement of Science and Art, from two young students – a junior mechanical engineer and a junior electrical engineer shows a new way of thinking about something most of us don’t even give a second thought to – cardboard boxes.

This is design thinking in its truest form – how do we make things better, how do we make them more environmentally friendly, how do we start from scratch and question everything?

Such a great idea – we hope this becomes a reality sooner rather than later.

Roberta Neidigh – Property Line

Roberta Neidigh’s work, Property Line, is a series of photographs investigating the line where two suburban yards meet in America. So simple and yet so insightful, this selection of images shows how people protect their space as it approaches someone else’s.

To see more of Neidigh’s thought-provoking work, check out her website here.


Whitney Museum Logo Redesign

When we were at Design Indaba this year, we were privileged to witness a talk by the Dutch design studio, Experimental Jetset. They explained, amongst other things, their redesign of the Whitney Museum’s corporate identity.

Great design is timeless. It’s often simple. It’s often striking. And often, it has that element of ‘that’s so obvious and so clever!’, which is incredibly hard to define and yet you know it when you see it.

Experimental Jetset’s redesign for the Whitney Art Museum in New York is just that. Simple, striking, so clever and at the same time so obvious. They designed a responsive ‘W’ logo, which can be iterated almost infinitely across a wide range of media, all while holding the graphic identity of the Whitney.

Design does not get better than this.

For a full explanation of the process from Experimental Jetset, please do take the time to look at the case study on their website – it is a masterclass in design thinking, process and execution. You can find that here.

Google+ & Manchester United – The Front Row Story

This campaign from Google+ and Manchester United is just amazing. It takes everything we love about technology and branding and throws it all together in one beautiful story.

In short, fans could watch a live Manchester United soccer match through Google+ hangouts, as if they were sitting in the front row at Old Trafford. But when you see how they took it one step further and broadcast fan reactions onto the digital billboards around the field, you can’t help but smile.

A brilliant idea, brilliantly executed. More of this please!

Secret 7″

What an amazing initiative. Secret 7″ has been running for the past few years and promises the perfect meeting of music and art/design.

It works a little something like this: Each year, seven songs are selected to be part of the program. Each song is pressed to 100 vinyl records, and each record is given a different design. These designs are submitted by up-and-coming ‘no name’ designers to some of the world’s most famous designers, but there’s one catch – you don’t know who designed your copy until you buy it.

We’ve selected just a few of the designs to share with you, but when you get the chance – there are 700 waiting for you, just over here.