Monthly Archives: December 2018

Baby Dove – Print Campaign

Dove has such a great creative platform from which to work, which is always about celebrating real life – not the kind of unattainable images and scenarios that advertising can easily fall prey to. And for Baby Dove, in Canada, Ogilvy did an amazing job at capturing real moms having meaningful moments with their kids, showing the real beauty of child-rearing.

We think a lot of brands could take a note out of this book – more please!

Sea Harvest – Website

If you’ve got a traditional fish shop, there are certain things that people expect, even if the world has moved on a bit. One of those things is having your fish wrapped in newspaper – it’s just the way it has always been done!

So how do you apply that to web?

That’s something ED, Sea Harvest’s agency asked themselves. The result – a website designed to look like an old newspaper – we love it!

You can visit the site here.

Bioreshop – Packaging

Bioreshop is a Spanish brand that focuses on refilling containers and minimising waste. Of course, to get this right, it helps to have packaging that looks really great. To do that, the brand turned to Barcelo Estudio, who created this awesome concept.

This work shows how strong design can continue to be applied across an almost endless number of labels. With a strong ‘b’ to work from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns and other applications.

Check out the project below!

Alex Gamsu Jenkins – Revisited

We’ve featured work by Alex Gamsu Jenkins before on the blog and now we’re back with more! We loved his satirical, narrative take on illustration earlier this year and now he’s back with more, even more satirical work. Here, he’s shifted into a comics-inspired style, with multiple panes telling admittedly sad and bleak stories about modern life.

Check out more of his work below.

And don’t forget to visit his site here.

Tinder – The Invention of Together

What a fun film! This piece by Buck for Tinder takes a cute look at human connection throughout the ages and makes the case that Tinder can help us reconnect with each other romantically without the strictures of decorum, social class and other things that have gotten in the way over the years.

We love the message and we especially love the art direction on this film. The soft, hand-made look is just spot on and the details included in this film are incredible. 

Check it out below!

Dairyland – Print Campaign

Milk is an interesting product to advertise. It’s something almost everyone uses and it can be difficult to differentiate your brand from others. Milk is essentially milk… right?

Unless you can add some meaning and emotion to your brand, in which case then you can start to differentiate and create emotional connections between your brand and the viewers of your advertising. That’s exactly what Dairyland Milk did here, with the help of their agency, Cossette.

They made meaningful dioramas evoking emotional memories inside their packaging, eliciting the kind of feelings that people may have had when consuming the milk in the past. Very smart stuff!