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Safepoint Lifesaver Syringes

Reusing syringes and needles can have serious health effects. These print executions by McCann Health use smart illustrations to show just how deadly this can be by contrasting needle reuse deaths with other known killers.

Great work!

Whakamana Cannabis Museum

If a client came to you and said, ‘We want your help advertising our cannabis museum…’ what would be your first response? Other than getting the giggles of course…

This work by BWMDentsu in Australia is a great answer to that client’s problem. Using beautiful paper cut out effects, this print campaign brings in imagery of clouds and some really witty copy that plays on some of the feelings and myths surrounding cannabis in society.

10/10. It doesn’t get better than this!

Belgian National Lottery: Lucky Holidays

The character design by Mortierbrigade for this film for the Belgian National Lottery is just too exquisite. It helps too that it keeps with the Christmas theme we’re going for right now.

It’s plain to see that this ad was made with love – the visual effects and the attention to detail on each character is amazing.

Enjoy it below!

John Lewis – Man on the Moon

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re on the blog today, it’s only fitting that we’re sharing a Christmas ad and this one from John Lewis is as Christmassy and emotional as they get.

Get the tissues ready!

Wishing you a lovely Christmas (if that’s what you celebrate) and a lovely holiday season (if Christmas isn’t your thing) from everyone at the Academy!


Dollar Shave Club – B.A. Loonman

Dollar Shave Club are a new(ish) startup from the States that produce cheap razors and men’s toiletries that are sold on a subscription model. They’ve gone from strength to strength over the last few years and have really exploded in terms of revenue and brand recognition.

The one thing that always set them apart though, was their no-frills approach to advertising. Their launch video (which you can see below) was a simple explainer for the business, but because it was so much fun and so honest at the same time – it helped launch an immensely powerful brand.

This launch video has now been watched over 21 million times. That’s not something you can buy. That’s the power of a good creative concept.

Now that Dollar Shave Club have set the bar, they need to keep on meeting it. We love this new execution that highlights the smoothness of their razors and shaving products. Meet… B.A. Loonman.

It’s simple, it’s funny, it’s memorable and it was cheap to produce. Best of all, it truly shows the benefit of their products.

A good idea will always shine through!

Student Work – Johnnie Walker

There is something about a simple story, beautifully told that hits you right in the solar plexus. This spec work for Johnnie Walker from two students in Germany, Dorian and Daniel, who study at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemburg in Germany is absolutely breathtaking. It tells a 90 second story that will have even the hardest among you feeling goosebumps by the end.

If this is the level of work that can be produced by students, we cannot wait to see what will become of Dorian and Daniel further on in their careers!

Check out the spot below.

Time Magazine Top 100 Pictures of the Year

It’s a special time of year when Time Magazine’s Top 100 Pictures come out and we’re so happy to share just a few of them with you.

These powerful, arresting images show us just how important photography is as a medium of record – highlighting the good (and bad) of our world so that we can bear witness.

There are some incredibly powerful images here and we do suggest you take the time to get a visual idea of just what happened in 2015.

What a year!

Check out the full list of 100 pictures here.

Stumptown Coffee – Grand Cru

Stumptown Coffee Roasters are a world famous coffee chain from the United States and their consideration for design is just as strong as their coffee.

Here, we are sharing the packaging for their Grand Cru Cold Brew, made with single origin beans from Ethiopia. It is so interesting to see coffee packaging picking up design cues from high end wine and bringing them to the fore to create a label and package that is entirely stunning.

Mad Decent Block Party Limited Edition Cans

Daniel Triendl is an Austrian designer and illustrator with a unique style we had to share as soon as we saw it.

In this project, he collaborated with the Mad Decent record label and Bud Light to produce limited edition cans and illustrations for Mad Decent’s yearly block parties that they throw across the United States.

Lately, with the craft beer explosion, we’ve seen a huge number of beer brands come out with some amazing designs. But this is one of the first times we’ve seen one of the big players (it doesn’t get much bigger than Bud Light!) going out on a limb and releasing something way out there.

Kudos to everyone involved! (Now just to get some of these ideas filtering through to South Africa’s beer packaging!)

Klässbols Linen Packaging

Klässbols is a Swedish linen manufacturer that produces some of the most beautiful material we have seen in a long time. It is undeniably understated and undeniably Swedish in its design, and the packaging for the linens perfectly represents that.

The packaging was designed by Tobias Möller and Rasmus Erixon, two Swedish designers who understand the importance of minimalism. This design truly allows the product to shine through, with nothing added to the packaging that does not need to be there.