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John Lewis – Christmas 2019

John Lewis Christmas ads are something of an institution in the UK. They’re always big budget spectacles that come out early in the season, to really kick off the Christmas spirit. 2019’s example is no exception, telling the moving story of a little girl and her dragon.

We especially love how this entire story was able to be told with no dialogue whatsoever – such a clever way to make the emotional beats of the story even more poignant. Good news: You probably won’t need tissues for this one… but you never know!

John Lewis – Man on the Moon

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re on the blog today, it’s only fitting that we’re sharing a Christmas ad and this one from John Lewis is as Christmassy and emotional as they get.

Get the tissues ready!

Wishing you a lovely Christmas (if that’s what you celebrate) and a lovely holiday season (if Christmas isn’t your thing) from everyone at the Academy!