Monthly Archives: July 2015

SND CYN – Coworking Space

Talk about a designer’s dream space! SND CYN is a co-working space in Irvine, California that used to be an old factory and has now been converted into the most amazing space, with so much for designers to drool over! We love the typography everywhere and graphic art!

See more about them on their website here, but do take the time to check out these pictures.

James Frost – Wedding Photography

James Frost is a wedding photographer from Australia who originally grew up in the UK. We love his dramatic, artistic take on wedding photography.

No cheesy shots of old cars or couples standing back to back with awkward smiles – these are really meaningful, beautiful shots that encapsulate the love couples have for each other. If only all wedding photographers were this good!

To see more of Frost’s work (and we seriously suggest you do) check out his website right over here.

American Royal Mead – Packaging

This packaging by Dunn & Co for American Royal Mead is just perfect. Decadent and beautifully designed, with perfectly considered typography and illustration. Mead is a honey wine and you can see how they took the natural colours of bees and turned them into super-premium experience with gold and black.

This is the kind of product you buy just so you can keep the bottle (even though the mead tastes amazing, by all accounts). Now that’s good design!

Student Work – #Respek

We love seeing how design can do good and this project which we set as a challenge to our students shows just how much we can do as the design industry for the good of our planet.

The Brief: Our students were required to collaborate with each other in groups and to create an effective visual communication campaign for our clients.

The Client: 

10 000 Trees

This project was developed from Peter Shrimpton’s Heart Capital-campaign (that aims to develop local businesses in and around Kayamandi in Stellenbosch). The purpose of the project is to convince business leaders in Technopark to invest in planting Spekboom trees in the area to reduce their carbon footprint. Why? A Spekboom absorbs ten times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other tree and at the same time is an indigenous plant.

The goal of this project is to plant 10 000 trees by the end of the year to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole business park. Money for the trees will also go back to the people of Kayamandi by giving them business opportunities as “Spekboom-farmers”.

The Solution:

Our winning team produce an amazing corporate identity and communications campaign to encourage local businesses in Techno Park to get involved in the project and we are incredibly proud. The work looks amazing.

So… let’s get planting!