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Marcelo Monreal – Portraits

Brazilian artist and illustrator Marcelo Monreal creates beautiful images of famous people by well… cutting their faces off. However, it’s not as macabre as you may think. Beneath the skin of these faces we know so well we see blooms bursting forth in abundance, perhaps asking us to look a little further than just skin deep.

To see more of Monreal’s work have a look at his Facebook page here.

Insidious – The Room Experience

Dare you enter The Room?

This interactive site for Insidious Chapter 3 makes for a very creepy experience – encouraging users to investigate a room that turns out to be haunted.

Not for the faint-hearted, this site is so much fun to play around with. And it makes us want to watch the movie too!

Click here to enter… if you think you can handle it!

Seagate – Data Visualisation

As a company that deals in data storage, what ways can you show the importance of data to people in new and inventive ways? This question is answered by Seagate (you may have one of their portable hard drives) in this data visualisation site for The Atlantic that shows how much data is produced by certain sectors of the US economy.

While this may sound a bit dry, we assure – the site is a wonder to behold. What a clever way to take something entirely abstract, like data, and turn it into something easier to interact with. At the same time – this idea is perfect and entirely on brand with Seagate and their product offering.

Check out the site here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 14.10.38

M&Ms – iOS Keyboard

M&Ms have a great positioning in that they are always about fun. Bright and colourful – they are not serious adult sweets, they are for kids and anyone with a sense of humour.

We love this new idea from there where you can download a dedicated M&Ms keyboard for your iOS device, complete with keys that looks like M&Ms and built in M&Ms gifs you can share with friends.

Such a smart idea!

Check out the keyboard here on your iOS device.


Beats by Dre – The Game Before the Game

In the modern branding world, celebrity endorsements are so powerful. We see them all the time and they really work.

That, coupled with a great concept and some awesome filmmaking make this star-studded spot by R/GA London for Beats by Dre a surefire winner. Telling the story of ‘the game before the game’, this spot does that clever thing we see brands do around sports events, where (without an official sponsorship) they swoop in with a great ad that encapsulates a feeling and inspires people around the world. This one came out for the Soccer World Cup in 2014 and despite Beats not paying a cent for sponsorship, this ad makes them feel like they own the entire tournament.

Great work – and incredibly powerful too. Powerful enough that it’s been watched nearly 30 million times.

Guinness – Made of Black

We love this campaign for Guinness Africa by AMV BBDO for Guinness in Africa. They’ve done a number of amazing spots for them before, including the Guinness Sapeurs ad, which we featured on our blog a while back.

This new(ish) piece of work recently won a gold Lion at Cannes for film and it’s easy to see why. This spot is nothing but adrenalin from start to finish. What a powerful way to capture what it feels like to be a modern African, right now.


Duracell – The Teddy bear

We talk a lot about how digital is changing the way we advertise to people and it certainly is. Consumers are somehow more available than ever before but are also harder to reach. Advertisers can get right into their pockets through their mobile phones and yet the chief narrative form of advertising – TV – is battling. We look at things like DVRs and online streaming (legal or otherwise) and it gets really difficult to reach people.

This puts the onus on us as creatives to make something people actually want to seek out and watch. Rather than being an interruption in the middle of the latest Game of Thrones episode, or something to skip through on a recording – we now need to use all our creative powers to make people come to us. And while this may be a little daunting, it is in effect really liberating – we now have the opportunity to make ads of real value. Not that we didn’t before… but the pressure is on!

This spot for Duracell takes all of the story telling powers of film and puts it into a neat package for the digital era. This spot, made for the 4th of July in the USA was viewed 2.5 million times in just 3 days. That is the power of digital. And most importantly – that is the power of good story telling.

Have a watch below and see if you can get to the end without a tear in your eye. We dare you!