Monthly Archives: June 2014

Taste of Greece Ouzo

What do you do when you’re trying to differentiate a product like Ouzo, which has become a typical ‘souvenir gift’ when people visit Greece?

If you are Dolphins Communication Design from Greece, you take inspiration from old Greek vases and update your packaging with desirable graphics which go so far beyond the typical clear glass bottles of Ouzo we’ve all seen a hundred times.

They’re eye-catching, the designs are great and most of all they are something you can be proud to give a loved one after a visit to Greece. A great example of how design can take a product and make it entirely more desirable.

For more work from Dolphins Communication Design, check out their website here.

Blule – Watercolour Superheroes

We’ve seen superhero posters and superhero re-imaginings quite a few times in the last while, but we really do appreciate these watercolour versions by Blule. Her attention to detail in a medium which is difficult to work in at best, is amazing.

Blule is the alter-ego of Clementine, a French illustrator who specialises in watercolours, but studied as an industrial designer. Learn more about her on her website over here.

Darran Rees – Africa Photography

Darran Rees is a British commercial photographer who has photographed a number of big brands and worked with a number of big agencies. Today, we’re sharing some of his more personal work. These are from a trip to Africa.

We love the honest way his subjects are captured and the way these images straddle the line between portraiture and documentary photography.

To see more of Rees’s amazing work, have a look at his website over here.

NYC Type

As you may expect, we go a bit crazy for typography and lettering at the Academy. It’s kind of our thing.

We were so happy to find this collection of typography and lettering that we had to share it. The collection is constantly being updated through the instagram feed and for those of you with accounts, we do suggest you follow it!

You can find the instagram account for NYC Type here.

Album Cover Cover

The Album Cover Cover project by Bruno Lee Ribeiro is a simple, yet great exercise. He puts on an album and then tries to design a new cover for it before the album is over.

While this is easier said than done, it’s great to see how ideas can come to fruition so quickly. Amazing work!

Check out more of the Album Cover Cover project here.

Check out more of Bruno Lee Riberio’s work here.

And to get an idea of what goes into one of these designs, check out the YouTube video below.

No Hatch Eggs

Ash Rourke is a designer from New Zealand who specialises in Graphic Design, Advertising and Illustration. We came across her environmentally friendly redesign of egg packaging and we had to share it.

Call us suckers for egg packaging (we featured another redesign here last year) but we love the idea of taking something we all take for granted and using design thinking to make it better. Nothing gets us more excited.

Check out Ash Rourke’s Behance profile here for more great work.

Kërning Coffee

Kërning Coffee is something we had to share as soon as we heard about it. Described as a coffee, ‘for designers and people interested in art’, the packaging is inspired and very similar in fact to some of the briefs we give our students here at the academy.

These were designed by Isabela Rodrigues, of A Sweety Branding Studio – we do recommend you have a look at her website for some more amazing design work, fresh out of Brazil.

Now who wants coffee?

Christopher Payne – North Brother Island

Christopher Payne is an American photographer who has been visiting and photographing North Brother Island since 2008. North Brother Island is an entirely abandoned space in one of the busiest places in the world – New York. Situated in the East River, between The Bronx and Riker’s Island – it was primarily used as a quarantine hospital but has been uninhabited since 1963.

Photos of abandoned spaces are always so intriguing and these are just as compelling.

For more of Payne’s work, check out his website here.