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Starbucks – Your Office Outside Your Office

This is clever!

To bring to life the promise that Starbucks is ‘your office outside your office’, Proximity Colombia used the very programs your work day is made up of as their medium of choice. With Word, PowerPoint and Excel, they created the iconic Starbucks cups. Perfect!


SalzburgMilch – Print Campaign

We love this campaign by Traktor Wien for SalzburgMilch, a dairy producer in Austria. They built the idea of a very simple idea, which translated means: Cheese is art. Using bread, cheese and other sandwich ingredients – they created miniature, edible versions of famous paintings.


As they say – Käse ist Kunst.


Toyota Corolla – TV Ads

We love this campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi LA for Toyota. It uses the idea that some things are just timeless and relates this to the Toyota Corolla itself, with some really great thinking, copywriting and art direction all rolled into one package.

These three executions also give a great example of how a good idea can be fleshed out into a larger campaign, with other executions playing off the same original idea.


Burger King – Print Campaign

Burger King has a pretty strong differentiating factor when it comes to other large fast food burger chains, and that is that their burgers are all flame grilled. This campaign by Buzzman Paris for Burger King Belgium brings the flame-grilled factor right to the foreground! Using a bunch of smart illustrations, these ads show how important flames can be to make things more exciting. With the payoff line: Always better with fire – you very quickly see just what it is that makes Burger King different to all the others.

Great art direction and great thinking!

Amnesty International – Print Campaign

Amnesty International is a global NGO that works on a number of fronts, but gathers their efforts around reducing injustice in the world and making a difference where they can.

To rally people around their cause, they recently produced these print ads with DDB Paris, using some really strong imagery and type, which we absolutely love.

Take a look at some of these inspiring power visuals below!

Castrol GTX – Print Campaign

Oil is not a particularly easy thing to advertise. It’s quite a functional item and if you’re not a real ‘petrolhead’ (or ‘oilhead’ perhaps, in this case) then the chances are it’s not something you think about very often. And even if you do think about oil, it’s a necessity – your car needs it to run properly.

This makes advertising oil quite difficult. In a category where brands are less important, because people aren’t necessarily emotionally connected, you need to do something really bold, interesting or emotional to stand out. If it’s not memorable in the best possible way, then logically there’s no way that someone would ask for a specific oil brand at a petrol station. We could say that for most people oil is probably just oil.

Bearing all of this in mind, we can see what a good job Icon Advertising Dubai did here. Using powerful imagery of giant robots using Castrol oil to beat the heat, they’ve created something memorable and emotional. To top it all off, the execution is just top notch – the CGI graphics they’ve implemented here are incredible.

Great work!