Monthly Archives: December 2017

Kalin Haydon – Photography

Kalin Haydon is an American photographer from Illinois who turns her lens toward bingo halls and bowling alleys, capturing the culture of her grandparents, who came of age in the post-war era. This project is called American Nest, and it looks at the entire culture of bowling and bingo – the people, the places and the quiet little moments in-between the action. This creates an honest, nostalgic aesthetic that we just love.

Do have a look at more of Haydon’s work on her website over here.

Simen Royseland – Enchiridion

Simen Royseland is a design student in Oslo and when we saw this great zine he made about the philosophy of stoicism, we had to share it! If you’re unaware of ‘zines’ as a design genre, think of them as low-budget self-produced magazines (zines) where a person is able to have full creative control and make exactly what they want. This is fun for us design-nerds because it allows the designer of the zine to really push themselves and create something fun that pushes the boundaries.

This one by Simen Royseland is such a great example, but if you need further info on stoicism as a philosophy, we suggest you go to Wikipedia – there definitely isn’t enough time to go into it here!


Carex Mini Storage Print Campaign

What a smart campaign by Rethink Montreal for Carex Mini Storage! Built from the line: Small Spaces For Your Big Secrets, this beautifully illustrated work shows recognisable figures living out their secret lives as well as a conspiracy theory that people love to talk about. With a minimalist, isometric illustration style – you just can’t go wrong.

So good!

Malmö Chokladfabrik Packaging Design

Malmö Chokladfabrik is a high-end chocolatier in Sweden with a great appreciation for design. Here, they turned to Pond Design for help launching their price laddered offer of chocolate cones and bars. This allows for a more reasonable price-point for the product and allows more people to access it. The great news is that rather than going with a design that may suggest ‘cheaper’ or ‘less than’, the design they went with brings high end quality down to an affordable cost.

We love it!

Daniel Everett – Photography

Utah-based Daniel Everett’s photography is something to behold. While architectural, he’s captured the light in such a way as to make all of these disparate places and buildings feel almost as if he was able to shoot them in a studio.

They’re flat, sterile and maybe even make the viewer feel a little uneasy – but they’re absolutely compelling.

Check out more of Everett’s work on his website here.