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Malmö Chokladfabrik Packaging Design

Malmö Chokladfabrik is a high-end chocolatier in Sweden with a great appreciation for design. Here, they turned to Pond Design for help launching their price laddered offer of chocolate cones and bars. This allows for a more reasonable price-point for the product and allows more people to access it. The great news is that rather than going with a design that may suggest ‘cheaper’ or ‘less than’, the design they went with brings high end quality down to an affordable cost.

We love it!


Fawen Soup – Packaging

An on-the-go chilled soup that doesn’t need to be consumed warm is an interesting proposition and somewhat of a new category of products. We’ve seen cans, ‘warm at home’ pre-made soups, powders and any number of other iterations, but not chilled soups like this before.

When trying to start a fairly unique category, what exactly do you do? How do you launch in such a way that consumers really notice your brand and understand what it is quickly, so that you can be part of that all-important decision when they’re standing in front of the fridge at the store?

You turn to an agency like Franklin11 of course. They designed these beautiful package ideas for the range, which bring to life the quality of the ingredients all the while showing the potential user that they are convenient and easy to use.