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Oleg Oprisco – Photography

Oleg Oprisco is a Ukrainian fine art photographer who blends fashion, portraiture and of course fine art photography to create a unique visual style that is so appealing. What sets him apart and makes his work extra interesting, is that he shoots on film. This means everything you see in these photographs had to be created the old fashioned way – no photo manipulation techniques and no chance to ‘fix it in post’!

What a great commitment to the art.

You can see more of Oprisco’s amazing work here.


Estelle Hanania – Photography

Estelle Hanania is a French photographer who blurs the lines between fashion, fine art and documentary photography. She photographs ‘real people’, not models, which allows the relationships they have with each other to become part of her work.

We absolutely love it!

See more at her website here.


Fabrice Monteiro – Photography

Fabrice Monteiro is a photographer working out of Dakar, Senegal. For this project, entitled: The Prophecy, he worked with a local costume designer, Doulsy, to create a set of fantastical images that imagine what the future of West Africa might look like. These images get even more interesting though, when you learn that they are inspired by local folklore and so intricately composed that they took two years to complete.

Incredible work!

You can see more of Monteiro’s work here.

Brett Lloyd Photography

Brett Lloyd is a British photographer with a stark, considered aesthetic that we felt we had to share. With a great choice of models and just a little bit of heroin chic thrown in, we can see how his career has gone from strength to strength, shooting for brands like Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton denim, Alexander McQueen and Stüssy.

Check out a selection of his work below.

Academy Student is named the only African finalist for the ADAA 2016!

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) happen every year, recognising the best in creative work from around the world. We’ve got amazing news to share; Lucia Petschnig, a student at the academy, was name as the only finalist for ADAA 2016 from the entire African continent! To give you an idea of the numbers involved in the competition (and how well Lucia has done) – there were over 5300 original entries, 1400 semfinalists and only 24 finalists. That’s amazing!

Her work, 21st Century Pinup Girls imagines the pinup look from the 50s reimagined for modern life. Have a look at her amazing work below.

Good luck Lucia!

Joshua Anderson – Photography

Joshua Anderson is a young photographer from Texas who has a great eye for images. Blurring the lines between portraiture, fashion and surrealism, he is carving out a space that is all his own. His portraits have such a nostalgic, soft feel while at the same time when you look at his fashion work, it becomes angular and intense very quickly. Amazing stuff!

Here we’ve shared just a taste of his work, but you can see more at his site. And we suggest you do!