Monthly Archives: March 2016

Chapman’s Brewing – Packaging

Chapman’s Brewing Company is a craft brewery that can be found in Indiana in the US. When we saw their package design for their cans, we felt we had to share them. These show very well how designing a number of variants within a range of brand family happens. By building a design framework, Cue Design (an agency based in Minneapolis), has created an instantly recognisable brand identity for Chapman’s Brewing that is at once classic and contemporary.

We especially love the minimalist icon design for the cans that bring elements of the beer to life. What a great object to be holding in your hand – and we’re sure they taste as good as they look too!

Vuelle Illustration – Whispered Time

Vuelle Illustration is the moniker of Veronica Leonardi, an Italian illustrator from Sarzana. We shared these interestingly executed portraits from her series ‘Whispered Time’ because we love her style that is at once seemingly realistic and whimsical. From the icy looking women to the lush flowers and sharp paper humming birds – these are just so interesting to spend some time taking in.

Check them out below!

Heinz Organic Baby Food – Georgina Luck

What beautiful illustration for Heinz Organic Baby Food in Australia. This work by Georgina Luck, a British illustrator, aimed to show the natural ingredients that went into the baby food in an honest, appealing way.

And we can say quite strongly that these are incredibly honest and very, very appealing! They are just the perfect blend of nostalgic food images we all remember from our own youth, coupled with one or two modern touches (note the paint splash / watercolour effect she used). This is how an image tells a story!

Casper Schutte featured on 10and5

Casper Schutte attended the Stellenbosch Academy from 2012 to 2015 and while we do miss him on campus, we are so proud to see how well he’s doing. He landed himself a job at Kinsmen Collective, a design studio in Cape Town that does absolutely beautiful work.

We love Casper’s playful take on illustration, blending very personal subject matter with imagery that is still allowed to be fun and silly.

To read more about what Casper had to say to 10and5, click the link here.

And to see more of Casper’s work, check out his Behance profile here.

Netsky – Telekinesis

Isn’t it great living in the future? Now that we’re in 2016 we can do the most amazing things with multimedia – to the point that we now even have virtual reality music videos like this one by Netsky. You connect your phone by visiting a special site and then you can affect what’s going on the video and see different things – by using your phone!

What has changed so much in just the last few years is how much we can do through the Internet. Whereas in the early days of multimedia it was considered amazing to just watch video online (yes there was a time before YouTube existed), we have now reached a point where the Internet is undeniably more exciting and immersive than TV ever could be. What better time could there be to be studying multimedia?

When you’ve got some time to kill (and some data to burn) we do suggest you give this site a visit, it is the most fun you’re going to have in a long time!

Check it out here.

In Water Photographer of the Year

Photography is undeniably about the image, but it is also about time – the capturing of a moment. These selected images from the finalists of the In Water Photographer of the Year are all about time, literally. The rules are quite simple: In the time you have with one breath underwater, take a photograph (with a waterproof camera of course). No sneaky tricks like lighting – just you, your breath and the camera.

It’s amazing to see the diversity of image that has been captured here – from underwater rugby teams to sea life to beautiful images of waves breaking.

And the best thing about this all? You get to vote on who you think the winner should be! We’ve included winners here from 2015, so if you want to get involved check out the site!


Under Armour – Rule Yourself

If you want amazing advertising, you go to Droga5. They do incredible, incredible work and this piece for Under Armour is no exception. It tells the emotional story of someone we all know so well, Michael Phelps, as he prepares for what will be his last Olympic Games.

This is a sports ad unlike anything we’ve seen before. There are no heroic shots a la Rocky of someone triumphantly running up stairs or any sassy attitude like we’ve come to expect from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike. Instead we see Michael Phelps looking almost haunted as he prepares for the task ahead. You begin to understand the weight of expectation on him as he tries to do the impossible – win further Olympic golds at the age of 30, which in the swimming world is pretty much over the hill.

This is one of the most poignant pieces of storytelling we’ve seen in an ad in a very long time. And it ends with a line all of us can gain something from: It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.


1Life Insurance – Film

It’s always great to share South African work and here we’re sharing with you a beautiful piece for 1Life Insurance, with direction by Egg Films.

It tells the beautiful story of a relationship and growing family, highlighting the importance of having good insurance. While that idea may sound simple, we do suggest you watch the film below to see just how well it is put together. The shots are beautiful. meaningful and wonderfully orchestrated – a real feat of visual storytelling.

If you’ve still got dry eyes by the end, we suggest you take a long hard look at yourself!


Gregg’s Jelly Campaign

When we came across this campaign by FCB Auckland for Gregg’s Jelly we had to share it. Built on the insight that ‘there’s always room’ for jelly, this humorous campaign shows predators who have just eaten rather large creatures attempting to eat Gregg’s jelly. Because there’s always room for jelly, right?

What truly makes this campaign sing though is the illustrations. The insight is one thing, but bringing the idea to life is what makes this great. With a beautiful hand-painted feel, these look as if they’re lifted directly from a children’s book. Kudos to Watermark Studios for creating something so engaging!


What a great idea by DDB Johannesburg for Glad. As you may know, Glad is a producer of plastic bags and other products in South Africa that people use to preserve food.

The video below explains it in a much more engaging way, but in short, Glad started an instagram account and search for all the food pics that people post. They screencapped them, then photoshopped glad products over the food and sent them back to the original posters two days later, as if the product had preserved the food for that long. They even went so far as to target foodie celebrities as well, gaining some great traction. That is, before instagram became wise to it and shut down the account.

Have a look at the case video below, there’s no way you won’t feel inspired after watching it!