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Britain’s Beer Alliance – Print Campaign

Beer is something that needs very little introduction to adults – either you like it or you don’t and you tend to drink around sporting occasions or just when chilling out with friends. But there is an entire world of beer pairing out there that many people are just not aware of.

This is something that Britain’s Beer Alliance want to change, using this beautifully illustrated and art directed campaign, thanks to the help of La Comunidad London. Each execution indicates a beer style along with an accompanying food to go with it. It can be a bit strange having a fish encouraging you to eat other fish perhaps, but we’re overlooking that because these just look so good!

Have a look at the rest below.



Carlsberg Beer – It All Comes From Beer

To celebrate 170 years of making beer, Carlsberg in Denmark created this site with the help of Stupid Studios, which gives you a drone’s eye view of the Carlsberg brewery as well as famous sites in Copenhagen.

This is such an interesting, entertaining way to offer your user some content that might actually add to their lives instead of just demanding their attention. Instead of a blaring banner ad or disruptive TV spot in the middle of your favourite show, this site not only offers some cool drone footage (who doesn’t love drone footage?) as well as some really interesting mini-documentaries.

This is the promise of multimedia design and the web – we can create interesting, engaging websites that people actually want to spend their time on. How exciting!

To visit the site and take your complimentary drone tour, click here.

Deutsche Erbschaft – Packaging

Deutsche Erbschaft is a Russian beer with a strong German feel. It was developed in order to increase beer usage in Russia and bring a feeling of heritage and quality to a category that doesn’t always do very well in that country.

What we love most about this design, from Kian – a Russian design agency, is the way the typography has informed the look and feel of the brand. German type is so bold and strong that this seems like such a natural decision when you look at it. This is often the mark of great design: When you look at it, it just seems so obvious and so ‘right’. The harsh angles of the ‘d’ and ‘e’ are used to create a bold demarcation across the packaging that makes for a striking design that anyone would love to have in their hand.

This extends further into the bottle and even the communication design too. We can see on their billboards and posters how they’ve taken this ‘slash’ motif as a strong design element and used it across their collateral: A strong move. If you’re design and typography crazy like we are, it’s so gratifying to see typography being taken seriously and used so powerfully. So often it’s too easy to fall back on illustration, iconography or other design elements to resolve something but here, with a legacy of German type that is so bold and striking, it feels so right to let the type lead the design. It’s clear that we have kindred spirits in the design studio at Kian!

If you would like to know more about typography, lettering and the importance of letter spacing (believe us, it’s more important than you think!) take a look at our design course here. You’ll be a natural in no time!

Chapman’s Brewing – Packaging

Chapman’s Brewing Company is a craft brewery that can be found in Indiana in the US. When we saw their package design for their cans, we felt we had to share them. These show very well how designing a number of variants within a range of brand family happens. By building a design framework, Cue Design (an agency based in Minneapolis), has created an instantly recognisable brand identity for Chapman’s Brewing that is at once classic and contemporary.

We especially love the minimalist icon design for the cans that bring elements of the beer to life. What a great object to be holding in your hand – and we’re sure they taste as good as they look too!

Alex Silitra – Killer Swan Packaging

It’s always great to see the level of work that students around the world produce. This packaging concept by Alex Silitra from the Miami Ad School Europe is exceptional. From the quality of illustration through to the consideration of colour and understanding of design principles, this is really impressive.

We do suggest you spend the time looking at Silitra’s portfolio above, because it has some amazing thinking and craft on display.

Karl Grandin – Beer Bottle Designs

Karl Grandin is a Swedish designer and co-owner of a craft brewery. With a brewing style inspired by his daydreams, he felt he should let his design style do the same.

With a style that is nothing short of psychedelic and wonderfully self-indulgent, these bottles really are amazing. The beers themselves run in small batches, which means Grandin can let his mind wander. It’s so refreshing to see beer bottles being designed in ways we don’t expect – one doesn’t have to simply print a sticker and apply it to the bottle (even though this is probably one of the most cost effective ways to brand something).

Feast your eyes on these beautiful beer bottles below. And for more of Karl Grandin’s work, check out his website here.