Monthly Archives: March 2014

MTC Hugs

This advert for MTC, Namibia’s local cellphone provider, looks at the viral power of a hug – the connection it makes between two people. Directed by Bryan Little from South Africa’s Fly On The Wall, this TVC not only tells a beautiful story with a great soundtrack, it also features his signature attention to detail and empathy.

What also sets this ad apart though, is the art direction. Pay close attention to the choice of colours and wardrobe and how they all work together. Wonderfully put together.


SPCA – Teach a Dog New Words

The poster above was created by Bester Burke in Cape Town for the SPCA. With beautiful, simple art direction and illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek; this is a great example of a simple ad done well. At the same time – it doesn’t rely on guilt and misery to make you feel something or inspire action – it focuses on the cute things we all love about dogs.

We know from studies that positive messages inspire more action than negative ones, so the more ads we see like this the better!

For a better look at the ad, click on the link below.


Hanson Akatti – Character Design

Hanson Akatti is an illustrator and character designer from Accra, Ghana. We love to showcase work from throughout the African continent, not only because we believe that more African artists and designers should be acknowledged, but also because it’s a great way to see different ways of thinking, designing and doing. The more we can share work across the continent and learn from each other the better – we know that Africa is the future!

We love Akatti’s character design and attention to detail – for more of his work, check out his Behance profile here.